FLASH traffic—submit photo, get paid

DTK on a wet day 084

Only 5 days left to submit your photo to our FLASH photo event. Deadline is Jan 4 at 11:59pm, but get it done early.

Through generous sponsorship we’re able to pay a rental fee of $34 per photographer for the use of selected images for the evening. Sure, it’s not a huge sum, but it’s a start toward reaffirming the value of photography and more broadly, the creation of any content. We’re going to be talking a whole lot more in 2015 about getting artists paid. The inherent value in a rich cultural ecosystem is matched by the economic development imperative for Waterloo Region, giving us all reason to roll up our sleeves to build a sustainable model for culture here. Here’s a good first step: participate by submitting a photo. It doesn’t matter if your pro or amateur. Doesn’t matter where you live or what the image subject matter is. What matters is that you submit that photo pronto. Do it here http://flashwr.ca/submissions/

I shot this photo above of a crane operator ending his shift at the City Centre construction site in Downtown Kitchener last week. I’m digging the analogue of physical construction to the cultural construction that lies ahead.


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