DIYDAY2–making faces

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On Saturday a bunch of us makers got together to sell our wares at Marc Lecompte’s second DIYDAY. I sold a few prints and spent any earnings buying work from Branko Vranic, as predicted. Win! What surprised me was how much fun it was just talking with people, asking them how they found out about the show, all the stuff going on that day, and fielding questions about my photos. You know I always say that photography is just a reason to meet  people. More win!

But the point of this post is to show you the faces of the makers. To show you that these are real people. They design your logo, pour your coffee, make your grilled cheese, play Monday nights at the pub, and so on. And they also happen to make stuff. They are the content creators from whence interesting and unique new stuff comes into the world. I think it is critical that when we’re talking about the economic development imperative of a vibrant cultural ecosystem, that we know the faces and the names and the work of creators just like this crew. Otherwise things get all abstract and depersonalized and we can end up making sub-optimal decisions as a community. Mouse over photos to reveal their names. Comment here or on the facebook event page if you want to find out more about them. Thanks to them all for helping me make this post.

Photographers: I did this shoot with one speedlight and shoot-through umbrella with subjects seated in front of a kraft paper backdrop I taped on the wall. I would have liked a little more consistency in composition but I had to shoot 20 people in 15 minutes including getting them from their table. Going to work on that.

The band Absolutely Free played to wrap up the afternoon. Awesome set. Click through for pics of that and have a great week, WR.

DIYDAY2 makers 075

Great sound from these guys.

DIYDAY2 makers 085

DIYDAY2 makers 095

DIYDAY2 makers 103

DIYDAY2 makers 120

DIYDAY2 makers 131

DIYDAY2 makers 106

DIYDAY2 makers 136

DIYDAY2 makers 144

DIYDAY2 makers 152

DIYDAY2 makers 160

DIYDAY2 makers 163

Meta. Sorry, shooter from The Cord, I forgot your name.

DIYDAY2 makers 171

DIYDAY2 makers 186

DIYDAY2 makers 180

DIYDAY2 makers 248

DIYDAY2 makers 195

Thanks to Marc for giving his time to arrange a gig where we could make a few bucks and meet each other. Love that meta-making. Your mom says you’ve always been this way. Lucky for us.


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  1. Agnes says:

    Hey that’s my friend Melissa!! We went to OCAD together! Another cool event I missed. Thank you for being there (again)!

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