Altekrea puts the alternate in DTK

Altekrea 2014 031

Alright WR, get to this show at Kitchener City Hall today (Sunday!) and buy some cool alternate creations. My peeps and I hit Altekrea yesterday and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Such cool things as creator Laura Renwick’s great horned beast are just waiting to go home with you.

A few more pics…

Altekrea 2014 002

Altekrea, itself created by…

Altekrea 2014 025

Miroki Tong (above) was written up in The Record by Anam Latif who you should all be following as she covers some of the best corners of our local make-o-sphere.

Altekrea 2014 004

As we headed indoors, Calder asked “Do all the cool things happen at Kitchener City Hall?” Me: well, yes quite a few of them. Go Kitchener!

Altekrea 2014 007

I figured I’d see familiar faces, and sure enough walked right in to friends Jim Tigwell and Kayleigh Willey on stage.

Altekrea 2014 008

And while you’re at KCH, be sure to see Michelle Purchase’s amazing work just around the corner in the Rotunda Gallery. I am a huge fan…

Altekrea 2014 011

of Michelle’s work and never miss a chance to see it. Most recently I caught her haunting prints at the Tri-City Stopgap art show and always stop by her digs in Globe Studios. Hey, be sure to hit Globe’s art show and open house coming this Fri/Sat.

I’ve not seen Michelle do pieces as large as the ones at the Rotunda, so definitely check it out.

Altekrea 2014 012

Serendipitously, we were just in time to drop in on a “What To Draw” class by cartoonist Scott Chantler. Calder: you mean *the* Scott Chantler? My favourite cartoonist? I didn’t know he lived here!

There were some cool analogs to photography in Scott’s talk, particularly in the use of the frame. Good on Altekrea for connecting this talk, and thanks!

Altekrea 2014 017

Lots of stuff to see at KCH.

Altekrea 2014 019

Scott has shown up on makebright as far back as 2011 at Ignite Waterloo #5 and then later TEDxWaterloo. Here Calder is…

Altekrea 2014 034

picking out a couple of Scott’s books to take home.

Altekrea 2014 021

Scott and his son Mason.

Altekrea 2014 022

Miroki (left) stretched to kick off the Altekrea pitch competition that awarded a bag of cash to an artist with a winning pitch. Awesome… this show has everything, including some welcome mic help from our favourite smith Ryan Consell.

Hockey practice called, so we had to boot it, but not before snagging…

Altekrea 2014 033

some Carmen Peters prints for Arden.

Ok, you know what to do. Get to Altekrea today. The show runs until 6pm, but don’t delay. Check the schedule here.

Free parking, free entry, cool art. I’m teeing it up for you, now all you need to do is get off the sofa and engage.


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  1. Miroki says:

    Hi Darin,
    Thank you for putting together such a wonderfully informative and detailed account of Altekrea! I’m very, very appreciative of your support for our festival. The photos are wonderful (I certainly wish I was more put together on the first day now!) and show such a diverse range of the entire event.

    Once again, thank you so much!

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