I like to bike… especially on Bike Day

Bike Day - Fall 2014 019

A funny-great thing happened on my bike ride this morning. I was…

Bike Day - Fall 2014 001

flagged down from the path as I bombed through UW campus…

Bike Day - Fall 2014 029

by these nice people, and offered free coffee just because I biked to campus. Awesome!

Bike Day - Fall 2014 006

Speaking of nice people, here’s Jordan Bonneville, one part of the dynamic duo sibling team driving…

Bike Day - Fall 2014 003

the family business, McPhail’s Cycle. I’ve been buying bikes from McPhail’s for years for the kids, and just this June I finally bought myself…

Rainy DTK 060

this sweet ride there, updating my 25-year old mountain bike. McPhail’s loaned us bikes last year at the Night\Shift for our show-yer-bikeface station. Jordan assures me there is still duct tape on some of those bikes from where we mounted LED lights.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 011

McPhail’s was hooking up the faithful with free taillights this morn. Free front light from the Share The Road folks. Nice.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 050

Also witnessed some on-the-spot tune-ups happening.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 017

Bike Day - Fall 2014 033

Share The Road rep Jamie Stuckless came all the way from Ottawa to help promote biking here. Pretty cool to hear about STR’s lobbying efforts on behalf of cyclists. Near-brushes with cars and impatient drivers are making me a big fan of the leave-1-metre-of-space guidance. Drivers walk away from a bike collision; I have to learn to feed myself and walk again.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 027

Bike Day - Fall 2014 031

Every other day, yo!

Bike Day - Fall 2014 038

Hey, I know who did that Kitchener bike map!

Bike Day - Fall 2014 044

Coffee and bikes? Like ice cream and the cone.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 041

Bike Day - Fall 2014 062

Darien Merrick, representin’ locally for Share The Road, and if I overheard correctly, she’s leading an evening bike tour tonight at 8pm around Uptown Waterloo (details here). Sort of corroborates my theory from BikeFest earlier this year that biking is a great tool for building community.

Bike Day - Fall 2014 058

Get on your bikes and ride!


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