Hot lunch!–papusas at America Latina

America Latina lunch 012

I don’t often blog about food, but ever since Kayleigh Platz wrote about America Latina Variety & Deli in her Tech About Town column, I’ve had gustatory hankering to hit this place for lunch. Yesterday, I took the short walk across the parking lot from The Tannery and, with guidance from proprietor Mynor Garcia, I ordered and watched Anita cook up some papusas for me. The wait allowed me to wander around the shop full of interesting image potential and soak up all the Spanish being spoken by customers and staff alike. Such a beautiful language.

Check this place out, and don’t be put off by this photo: there’s lots of stuff that tastes awesome and isn’t too spicy. I’m heading back on Saturday to grab some churros, which I’m told will be ready to go around 9:30am.

Read Kayleigh’s column for more deets.


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