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Bob Egan shop visit 075-2

Last week, Tony Reinhart and I took a short walk from The Tannery to Bob’s Guitar Service to sit down and talk music/culture/arts/GSD with proprietor Bob Egan. Some of you may know Bob as a player with Blue Rodeo. Regular makebright readers may remember my interview with Bob and David Gray about their Modern Audio Arts college program.

I learned two things about Bob last week: #1 His shop is a visual wonderland for photography and #2 He has some interesting and action-oriented ideas about extending and expanding our cultural ecosystem. This post rolls with the former with conversations to follow on the latter.

Click through for a fairly reasonable number of pics…


Bob Egan shop visit 007

Tony’s been telling me about this cool building on Ahrens St, right on the rail line.

Bob Egan shop visit 009

Looks like the right place.

Bob Egan shop visit 016

But first, let me take a selfie.

Bob Egan shop visit 021

The Garden of Egan is thick with stringed instruments of all sorts. Guitars, mandolins, and other strummables I’m not sufficiently informed about to mention in any detail.

Bob Egan shop visit 018

The light in here is fantastic. This is Bob.

Bob Egan shop visit 026

Bob buys local art. These are flattened 55 gallon drums that have been…

Bob Egan shop visit 029

painted, abraded, etched, whatever. So cool. Bob, did you say this was from a student at UWAG?

Bob Egan shop visit 031

Ah, the tools of the trade. I am a freak for tools. The more specialized, the better.

Bob Egan shop visit 035

Then this fellow turned around and I got that hey-I-shot-you feeling. It’s bass-playing Ryan Allen from Romeo Sex Fighter! They put on a helluva entertaining show in Hespeler a couple weeks ago.

Bob Egan shop visit 032

Bob Egan shop visit 038

This very old and beautiful mandolin of Jim Cuddy’s…

Bob Egan shop visit 044

is getting pickups installed.

Bob Egan shop visit 046

Bob Egan shop visit 049

Good energy here. As customers dropped in, we would pause our conversation, shoot photos, and then pick it up where we left off once Bob was free again. One of the things we talked about was…

Bob Egan shop visit 051

Bob’s program of refurbishing donated guitars with the help of his techs and putting them in the hands of those who need a leg up. I believe they’ve hit the mark of one hundred guitars given away. Bob’s Guitar Service also supports the Community Music School, teaching kids to play instruments who could not otherwise afford lessons. Bob is a strong advocate for building out the cultural ecosystem around youth and the underprivileged. He’s putting his money where his mouth is on both counts.

Bob Egan shop visit 052

Green painter’s tape doesn’t get the glory that duct tape gets, but I use it five times as often. It’s like the Post-It notes of the tape world.

Bob Egan shop visit 061

Bob Egan shop visit 060

Great bones in this building.

Bob Egan shop visit 063

Every instrument has a story.

Bob Egan shop visit 057

Bob Egan shop visit 054

Bob Egan shop visit 065

Then there’s Bob’s personal collection.

Bob Egan shop visit 068

This one was a gift from The Tragically Hip as thanks to Bob for playing slide guitar on Bobcaygeon. Yes, that Juno-award-winning Bobcaygeon. Being a huge and multi-decade Hip fan myself, and Tony calling that song our other national anthem, we may have done a mental we’re-not-worthy. Respect.

Bob Egan shop visit 081

More chattin’ about community and culture…

Bob Egan shop visit 083

along the lines of less-talkin’-more-walkin’…

Bob Egan shop visit 082

and then we…

Bob Egan shop visit 088

had to go…

Bob Egan shop visit 090

back to the…

Bob Egan shop visit 093

office. This is a beginning.


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  1. Tony Reinhart says:

    Fantastic shots from a highly enjoyable afternoon. Nice work, Darin.

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