1shot #192-word on the street

Etsy pop-up in DTK 068

This made me think of all the fantastic little libraries springing up around WR. In DTK, I reckon this is the open-air pop-up version. These book cover designs from the 70’s and 80’s really pluck my nostalgia trigger. That’s one thing that doesn’t seem to translate to e-books. I like the way books smell, the way they get worn, and the weight of a book in my hand. I don’t want to get all Fahrenheit 451 on you, but in light of DRM and the ability of large content aggregators like Amazon to push/pull/delay titles at will, there’s something reassuring about the physical book. It is delightfully independent and plays on a human scale. In this particular case it is a constructive currency of community. And, much like cycling, it is a reason for us to find each other.

For more on little libraries, check out Little Libraries of KW by Tom Nagy and his crew. If you don’t know Tom, then let me also tell you he is one of the hard-working ninjas making The Jazz Room go. Anam Latif wrote in The Record about the LL phenomenon.

At King and Queen, this is Kitchener.


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