Another killer 3rdThur Foto:RE photo review

FotoRE 3rdThur meetup 013

I was super-happy to re-engage with Foto:RE and friends last week for the regular 3rdThur photo review. I missed both June and July meetups due to travel and was very eager to share an image I had captured in late May while out in San Francisco. Will post that as a 1shot once I tune it up.

We got these reviews kicked off back in March and they have been invaluable in both the feedback I’ve received and the large tank of motivation they provide to bring my very best shot every month.

The format is simple: 1 image, 5 minutes, total honesty. Just show up on the 3rd Thursday of the month. For updated deets, just follow Foto:RE on fb or tw or check their website. It’s free-no-pay, but hey man, please buy drinks from our host venue.

FotoRE 3rdThur meetup 015

Karl gesticulates.

FotoRE 3rdThur meetup 018

Joe in realtime review.

FotoRE 3rdThur meetup 021

Karl and Mark, with work from Mark’s “Complicity” series on screen.

FotoRE 3rdThur meetup 020

I just liked the symmetry of this shot. Gratuitous symmetry.


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