1shot #181-Four on 305

Random 112

Wandering into DTK for a late lunch on Thursday, I caught these window washers on the side of 305 King. It struck me as a more pragmatic edition of my BANDALOOP shoot at CITS last year. When I squint my eyes, I imagine these guys in a swashbuckling battle with their mirror reflections.

Earlier that morning, Meg Leslie and I met up with Craig Beattie at 305 to talk about potential spaces for the next Flirting with the Arts (thanks Craig!) Meg asked if I would do a photography workshop, so I’m looking at contributing a smartphone macro photography class. I’m looking for a line on the plastic lenses found in disposable cameras so any help appreciated. A cursory search of dealextreme and aliexpress only turned up $2+ lenses which I’ve not tried and which seem like overkill. Looking forward to sharing some photo fun.


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