BikeFest in Kitchener–maximizing community

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 010

There’s an interesting, delightful, and maybe somewhat obvious thing that happens when people get out of their cars and onto their bikes: they talk more with each other.

There was a whole lot of talking going on at Kitchener’s BikeFest in front of City Hall last Saturday. I rode all the way down there from northwest Waterloo to support the cause and snap a few photos. It is my optimistic hope that by showing up on two wheels, I contribute to the movement of cyclists who are advocating for better bike lanes, better-connected trails, and safe parking for bikes. By showing up, I’m hoping politicians will recognize cycling as a priority and the benefits it brings to the community. For that to happen requires a critical mass of citizens regularly pushing pedals. I don’t know what the numbers were this year; let’s say 300 people showed up. Imagine next year if 3000 people show up.

Thanks to the volunteers and vendors for getting this together. It doesn’t happen by magic, people! Be sure to check out and sign up for the Kitchener Bike Challenge.

More pics follow…



BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 001

McPhail’s Cycle and Sport along with Ziggy’s and a whack of others were fixing bikes for free. This is so cool. I mostly do my own maintenance and am forever wanting to help others by properly inflating their tires and tuning their derailleurs and brakes. These three things make biking a helluva lot more fun. Doubly-cool was that the bike techs were explaining to riders what they were doing as they fixed up the bikes.

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 006

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 014

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 016

Bike trailer repair in progress.

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 022

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 033

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 039

Seeing all these bikes jammed out in front of City Hall made me think of the CAFKA theme: It Should Always Be This Way.


I love this. Bravo Kitchener. A public bike repair station…


with tethered tools

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 027

and a handy rack to hold your bike while you work on it. Just excellent.

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 035

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 043

I rarely feature babies on makebright, but when I do, they must have moustache soothers and be driving a giant bike.

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 048

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 055

BikeFest 2014 - Kitchener 056

That’s my big blue bike on the right. Not the cool one, but the 25 year old one with a ripped seat, duct tape, and my safety vest on the rack. Love my bike. Say hi if you see me out riding.


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