Grand Porch Party 2014–give an hour, get a lot

GPP Volunteer Night 058

I stopped by the pre-event Grand Porch Party volunteer recruiting night on Thursday in mid-town west Waterloo on Roslin Ave to catch up on the GPP progress. Here’s the TL;DR: we really need some volunteers for a short 1-hour stint on the day of the event. It’s simple. You just walk the neighbourhood for 1 of the 3 hours on Sunday, May 8, and help people find their way. New here? Check out a few photos of last year’s GPP.

It doesn’t get any easier than this to shift from consumer to contributor. When we think about shaping the fabric of our community, making it what we want, it’s these small nuts-and-bolts jobs taken in aggregate that make it all go. And it’s pretty damned satisfying to pitch in.

Take a minute right now to email Rachel at and say “sign me up!”

GPP Volunteer Night 038

Look, here’s Rachel Thompson (left), GPP volunteer wrangler, on her awesome front porch that in four short weeks will be a stage. And here’s Tenille Bonoguore, GPP founder and chief, cracking up at the conversation. These are all really solid people, who are easy to work with, and who are putting together something great.

GPP Volunteer Night 051


GPP Volunteer Night 053


GPP Volunteer Night 060

we’re going to be…

GPP Volunteer Night 063

talking more about The Grand Porch Party

GPP Volunteer Night 061

right here on makebright over the coming weeks.

Oh, one more favour, kind reader: send 2 friends this link to the official GPP website so, even if they choose not to come, they’ll at least know about it. I’m still running into WR people who, when shown event photos, ask me “How did I not know about this event?’’ Let’s replace regret with reverb.


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