CAFKA14-Darren Copeland and Andreas Kahre

CAFKA14 - pre-show 041

Here is Toronto artist Darren Copeland sitting on his piece “SITCOM” in Victoria Park. I had an opportunity earlier in the week to help Darren and his co-creator Vancouver artist Andreas Kahre solder together some bits of this sound installation. Sitting on the bench triggers sounds that were recorded along the Grand River watershed. You’ll find this pavilion on Jubilee Drive at the bottom of Heins Ave.

CAFKA14 - pre-show 044

Variable resistor pads are hooked to an Arduino Mega which triggers the sounds.

CAFKA14 - pre-show 046

CAFKA14 - pre-show 049

Helping out with this piece, I found it so cool how curious people in the park were. Here, some test-driving in progress.

CAFKA help 007

Andreas Kahre, co-creator.


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