Ignite Waterloo #14–Kitchener Market style

Ignite Waterloo 14 141

I must be a little like Halley’s Comet, though with a shorter 3-year period, in that I’m getting back around to some events that I haven’t shot in while. Close on the heels of last week’s Felt Lab revisit, was Tuesday night’s return to Ignite Waterloo #14. Well, it’s been far too long since I last shot IW#7 up at The Tannery.

The TL;DR on this one: Kitchener Market as a venue was great, most of the talks were strong, awesome meeting some new friends I only knew virtually, and catching up with old friends.

Above is Ines Markeljevic delivering a hilarious talk on The Junk Mail of Online Dating. Her parody photos of profile pics she had received from guys had me gut-laughing. Bravo.

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A totally unnecessary number of pics follow…

Ignite Waterloo 14 010

Market! It’s not just for daytime. This worked out really well. Lots of space, and early in the evening, lots of light from big windows. Photographers like light.

Ignite Waterloo 14 013

Ignite Waterloo 14 014

T-shirt. Who designed/printed this? Civilian? Cool.

Ignite Waterloo 14 017

Volunteer photog hanging around the beige green room.

Ignite Waterloo 14 018

More meta.

Ignite Waterloo 14 024

Organizers Dana, Karen, and Tiffany. Thank you.

Ignite Waterloo 14 029

When you see the big strobe, you’re probably looking at Sean Gilders’ rig. He and the rest of the snapd KW posse are everywhere shooting.

Ignite Waterloo 14 032

Lots o’ light. Straight lines of empty chairs always jack up my anticipation. In a good way.

Ignite Waterloo 14 037

The more events I shoot, the more I appreciate media crews.

Ignite Waterloo 14 039

Memory Tree has been running with Ignite Waterloo for a long time now.

Ignite Waterloo 14 040

Intervalometer. I shot this photo of the camera automagically shooting me.

Ignite Waterloo 14 044

This balloon guy blew my hair back. This is black belt level balloon art.

Ignite Waterloo 14 048

Ignite Waterloo 14 049


Ignite Waterloo 14 051


Ignite Waterloo 14 053

Ignite Waterloo 14 062

He has an interesting face.

Ignite Waterloo 14 066

Our MC for the night, Kevin Zimic. Also a principal with one of the sponsors, Ridgehill Ford, though he kept that mostly on the down-low… but I sort of guessed from the ZEEEEEE vanity plate he later hung around his neck.

Ignite Waterloo 14 075

Sean Gilders. Meta.

Ignite Waterloo 14 083

Business class, up front.

Ignite Waterloo 14 086


Ignite Waterloo 14 097

Hey, of course where there’s audio, there’s my friend Jonathan Fritz.

Ignite Waterloo 14 100

Ignite Waterloo 14 104

Ignite Waterloo 14 106

Mr. James Howe and Marie-Helene Brais. Vote this guy into Kitchener City Council’s ward 10 seat and watch him rock. James, you’ve got my virtual vote from up here in Waterloo in my pal Karen Scian’s ward. More on James here.

Ignite Waterloo 14 108

A sea of engaged people.

Ignite Waterloo 14 125

Merci beaucoup.

Ignite Waterloo 14 127

Pretty sharp shoes on Mr. Zimic.

Ignite Waterloo 14 128

Mrs. Zimic, front row.

Ignite Waterloo 14 134

Talks begin. For those new to Ignite, it’s 5 minutes, 20 slides, auto-advance. I’ve done a lot of speaking in my travels and I can tell you when I spoke at the first Ignite Waterloo it was the hardest speaking gig of my life, just due to timing. I must have practiced a hundred times.

Ignite Waterloo 14 140

Ines Markeljevic. Again, great talk. Love the mix of humour and social commentary.

Ignite Waterloo 14 143

Great shoes, too.

Ignite Waterloo 14 144

Here’s one of Ines’ parody pics from the online dating world. Ines on the right. “Buddy” on the left. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

Ignite Waterloo 14 150

Next up…

Ignite Waterloo 14 157

Cat Coode. Or is it? Yes, it’s funny because I remember Cat from working in the Java Apps group at BlackBerry ten years ago, but I don’t remember that hair. And I think Cat goes to my gym (never have my glasses on), but I don’t remember the sleeve tats.

Ignite Waterloo 14 159

Cat made some great points about managing your online footprint…

Ignite Waterloo 14 167

and the tats are actually removable sleeves, as is the hair.

Ignite Waterloo 14 169


Ignite Waterloo 14 170


Ignite Waterloo 14 172


Ignite Waterloo 14 174

I’m never sure about the working-on-a-charity talks, but I think Alison Fraser has a good thing going and I like the humility she applies to her work. Some good meta-thinking about how and why people get involved with this work. I especially liked the comment around helping anyone around the world, not just in your community, is a good thing since we’re all on the same ground.

Ignite Waterloo 14 180

Ignite Waterloo 14 186

Maximized vacation through agile methodology.

Ignite Waterloo 14 192

Shredding misconceptions…

Ignite Waterloo 14 199

Crystal Shadwell did a great job. Thumbs up.

Ignite Waterloo 14 206

Ignite Waterloo 14 213

Robert Linsley, who I don’t know (yet) was really striking a chord with me and my mission. Looked like some good ideas about rethinking WR’s engagement in the global arts world, moving from consumer to active producer and player. I want to hear more.

Ignite Waterloo 14 217

I honestly believe board games could solve a lot of the world’s problems. Human connection.

Ignite Waterloo 14 218

Daryl Andrews’ enthusiasm really shone through.

Ignite Waterloo 14 227

I’m looking up and buying this game: Dexterity. Looks like a more makerly Jenga-in-reverse.

Ignite Waterloo 14 229


Ignite Waterloo 14 232

Drew Ripley described some mind-blowing balloon construction.

Ignite Waterloo 14 234

and takes my Best In Shoe Award.

Ignite Waterloo 14 235

Definitely check out the video for this talk to get a better sense of the scale of this project. Thousands of balloons. Phenomenal.

Ignite Waterloo 14 240

David McCammon, photographer sans camera, on the right. Still counts as meta.

Ignite Waterloo 14 247

kwartzlab pals, foreground right.

Ignite Waterloo 14 255

Won’t be needin’ these coats much longer, will we?

Ignite Waterloo 14 259

Serious faces.

Ignite Waterloo 14 262

Jonathan Fritz: check out this gear! Me: can it make you toast? JF: probably.

Ignite Waterloo 14 275


Ignite Waterloo 14 279

Rob Adlers will give a more in-depth version of this talk at a Nerd Nite KW. Charlotte, let’s get working on him. Rob and a team of music+tech makers wired a pipe organ from the 1800’s in a Toronto church, to make it more usable. “When have you been able to stand inside an instrument you’ve played?”

At this point, I’ll offer a photographer’s apology for shooting everyone with the available light, which ideally would be coming down from much higher up to give a better shadow under the chin. I kind of have to roll with the infrastructure as is on these gigs.

Ignite Waterloo 14 286

Talking about engineers productively straying from their discipline…

Ignite Waterloo 14 289

Andrew Persaud talked about…

Ignite Waterloo 14 292

his group Irrelephant Productions who are exploring, entertaining, and engaging with short films. Cross-discipline, very cool.

Ignite Waterloo 14 293

Approaching parenting challenges with a lot of humour and creativity…

Ignite Waterloo 14 296

makes for healthy kids. Jennifer Schooley shared her 8 year old’s genius method of making chocolate milk (syrup into the big milk carton) and other adventures.

Ignite Waterloo 14 300


Ignite Waterloo 14 302

Mike Brown.

Ignite Waterloo 14 309

Ignite Waterloo 14 310

Rebecca Sloan.

Ignite Waterloo 14 313

Ignite Waterloo 14 320

Gregg Young.

Ignite Waterloo 14 325

This talk was like watching a mini Wes Anderson movie (think Rushmore)…

Ignite Waterloo 14 327

starring Carson Kolberg. I dig nothing. Watch this guy.

Ignite Waterloo 14 328

My brain exploded in this talk, much like this egg-i-verse.

Ignite Waterloo 14 337

Travis Gerhardt did a great job of simplifying and communicating some really mind-bending stuff on the origins of the universe. Cosmic microwave background, gravity waves warping space, multiple universes. Mind. Blown.

Ignite Waterloo 14 343

Then a Pop-up Ignite announcement yelled by Steve Cross

Ignite Waterloo 14 350

and then spoken, to tell us there’s some Pop-up Ignite happening in Cambridge on June 12. Tix on sale this Thursday.

Ignite delivers.


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  1. Drew says:

    Great coverage! (And thanks for the shoe award)

  2. Jude says:

    Nice to meet you in person – and thanks a mint for the super shout out.

  3. Daryl Andrews says:

    Thanks for taking some great photos and sharing your experience. If your looking to purchase a copy of the dexterity game shown in my talk, the game is called, Riff Raff. The game is currently out of stock at my workplace (http://www.greatboardgames.ca/riff-raff.html) but you might be able to find it in stock at one of the other great KW board game retailers like: J&J’s, JustByChance, or CultOfTheNew.

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