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3rdThur April 2014 027

I got together again with the Foto:RE folks for the second iteration of 3rdThur Photo REview on Thursday night. Fourteen showed up, more than doubling last month’s attendance; both validating the concept and posing new challenges.  But that’s the whole approach, eh?  Do it, learn, iterate and improve, GOTO 10. Met new people, learned things.

This shot above has a kind of Last Supper feel to it, and I suppose we are disciples of photography. L-R Karl Griffiths-Fulton, Joe Martz, Jen King, Matt Weiler, David McCammon, Bert Matzek, Mark Essner, and Shayne Noel. Serious faces; everyone looking to improve.

Shout out to Death Valley’s Little Brother for hosting us.  Thanks a lot. Click through for more pics of people looking at pics.

3rdThur April 2014 011

Now featuring name tags! The green painter’s tape is a nod to the early kwartzlab days when we were running meetups between drywalling and painting benders. All we had was tape for name tags. It represents not being to precious and Getting Shit Done. In my ideal world, we all wear nametags all the time to further humanize the world.

3rdThur April 2014 007

I remember.

3rdThur April 2014 018

Here’s DVLB’s Erik with a ‘k’, educating me on the merits of the “pour over” coffee. It was pretty damned good. I tried both the Copacabana and the Toarco Toraja. Support your venue.

3rdThur April 2014 008

3rdThur April 2014 032

Karl, Joe, Jen, and Matt.

3rdThur April 2014 010

Like the Jackalope branding at DVLB.

3rdThur April 2014 035

L-R David, Bert, Mark, Shayne, and Foto:RE founder Mark Walton.

3rdThur April 2014 046

+ Sean and Tony. I took a few notes on the feedback I received.

3rdThur April 2014 013

I was shooting the 24-70mm f/2.8 that night. Challenging to try to time the sessions and shoot the event.  I’m passing the torch for timing at the next event on May 15.

3rdThur April 2014 041

David and Tony Reinhart looking at Karl’s photo of his friend who did not want to be photographed. She appeared to be melting into the ivy behind her. Powerful shot.

3rdThur April 2014 014


3rdThur April 2014 050

Mark talking with Alina Chirila. She hands-down won my fave-photo-of-the-night. It was a shot of her husband in front of a blackboard full of mathematical/physics notations holding a camera.  Just excellent. Unlike my shot above of Alina’s back.

3rdThur April 2014 020

3rdThur April 2014 062

Jen’s shot of boat-building tools and the boats beyond.

3rdThur April 2014 023

DVLB’s Jaci with a ‘ci’, picking out whiskey.

3rdThur April 2014 024

3rdThur April 2014 063

Bert brought a conceptual self-portrait.

3rdThur April 2014 029

3rdThur April 2014 067


3rdThur April 2014 048

3rdThur April 2014 049

Yeah, I already showed one of David and Tony, but I couldn’t let this expression go.

3rdThur April 2014 054

How do you make gluten-free tasty? Chocolate.

3rdThur April 2014 069

Fun fact: Foto:RE’s Sean Puckett can reach about nine and a half feet in the air.  Fun fact #2: Sean’s every-day-carry includes a massively bright flashlight. Fortunately.

For sure there were challenges:

  • low light later in the evening was tough for viewing prints
  • passing the photo among 14 people takes too long
  • cafe noise makes discussion beyond your immediate neighbour difficult
  • the photographer showing a photo wasn’t hearing input from the far end of the table

Thoughts for next time:

  • use a projector and screen
  • collect digital versions of photos ahead of time and have them queued up
  • stick with the 5-minute/photo limit

Mark Walton’s driving the May 15 meetup, so we won’t have to wait long to try some tweaks. Get shooting, y’all.

3rdThur April 2014 057

Shayne set this up and I shot it. Switched to manual focus.

3rdThur April 2014 081

Tony Reinhart, Q10 photographer extraordinaire.

3rdThur April 2014 084

Mark Walton’s shot. For a book, I think. Mark’s sons are First Nations born, and he’s done a deep dive into that. Lots of gravity to this image of what I imagine is a trade blanket. Bert read “Complicity” as “Company”, which is pretty relevant and interesting.

3rdThur April 2014 102

Sean and Bert.

A valuable element of this recurring meetup for me is the responsibility I feel to put my best photo in front of this group. By the end of the first week of April I was feeling the pressure to get out and shoot and find a strong image for the 3rdThur.

Check out the blog post Joe Martz put up on this event. Love the shot he captured of Shayne looking at David’s street print while Mark and I lit up the print with our phone lights.

Happy shooting,

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  1. Mark Essner says:

    Great night! Thanks for capturing the fun vibe of the meet….. Can’t wait ’til next month!

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  7. I’m interested in attending a meeting . Please shoot me an email if membership is open!

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