3rdThur Foto:RE photo review this week


Yep, it’s the 3rd Thursday again, and Jennifer King is running this Foto:RE gig at DVLB, 84 King Street N Waterloo, Thursday, April 17 at 7PM sharp. Beer, wine, whiskey, snacks, all for sale.

Like last time (though different venue this month to mix it up), you get 5 minutes to show and get honest and direct feedback on one (1) of your photos, and n*5 minutes to give feedback on the work of others. No lurking, all participating. Bring your work as a print, or on an iPad or laptop.  We don’t have a fancy projector and screen (yet), so showing up with your image on a USB key… won’t work.

The idea, well… my idea of this recurring gig is to get better as a photog.  Running open loop, without informed critical feedback leads to you unfairly hating all your work or unwisely loving all your work.  So, for example, some feedback I would expect to get on the photo above that I shot in Waterloo Public Square might include:

  • If you’re going to do symmetrical then really nail it.  You need to move about 5 inches to the right to line up between those notches
  • You might try to bump the exposure on the feet up a half stop so they’re really part of the composition
  • You went a bit nuts with the post-pro vignetting. Try backing that off to the corners more.
  • I can tell you’re taking a picture from the shadow, but it’s just not that interesting visually. When people stand straight up with minimal arm gestures, they just look like pylons to the camera.
  • Hmmm, a selfie, eh?
  • The three tiers of the photo is a good idea, like the diminishing size, but try it like this…

Ok, see you on Thursday. You can ping me if you have questions.


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3 Responses to 3rdThur Foto:RE photo review this week

  1. Joe says:

    Can’t wait. Thanks for posting, Darin!

  2. Matty says:

    Cool idea. Any cost for admission?

    • dw says:

      Matty, it’s free-no-pay, though it would be awesome if you bought drinks/food to support DVLB for hosting us. Hope to see you there.


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