Pascal Dufaux–Christie Digital/CAFKA installation

Pascal Dufaux - CAFKA installation - March 2014 104

Get down to the Kitchener Studio Project this Wednesday (tomorrow!) and check out my friend’s trippy installation.  I caught up with Pascal Dufaux earlier in the week to talk about and photograph his latest piece The Cosmos In Which We Live, Chapter II.  You can see it on Gaukel Street during the reception from 4pm to 5:30.  Details on CAFKA’s site.

Regular mb readers may recall my earlier post on Pascal when he was working on this piece at kwartzlab.  Well, you ain’t seen nothing until you interact with the full-on, multi-machine piece in person, beaming out the delayed, glitched, mashed up, multi-signal video on Christie Digital Projectors.  Bring your camera and your friends.


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