CAFKA Biennial + Open Ears: here’s your starting line-up

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0007

On Wednesday, after the reception for Pascal Dufaux’s installation, I tagged along with the CAFKA posse over to the Cork Bar for a press event.  On the agenda was the double announcement of the 2014 CAFKA Biennial and Open Ears lineups.  Going to be an amazing time in June.  Karie Liao, artistic director for CAFKA.14, is going to have details up on the CAFKA site soon, and I suspect Gregory Oh, artistic director for Open Ears, will too.  In the meantime, Robert Reid has a solid piece in the Record you should check out.

Ben Grossman (above), mesmerized the assembly with some hypnotic hurdy gurdy.  Regular mb readers may recall the wicked fieldtrip we took to Ben’s Guelph studio way back in 2011.  He’s in the lineup for OE14, so definitely catch his show.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0001

I had no idea there was a “secret” bar, the Cork Bar, attached to McCabe’s in downtown Kitchener.  Great space.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0004

I’ve been meeting more and more of the CAFKA gang over the years.  It’s another group with great energy.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0003

Caught up with Gordon Hatt, Karie Liao, Sarah Kernohan, David Jensenius, Martin de Groot, Stephen Lavigne, Bernie Rohde, Laura De Decker, Stefan Rose, and my very good friend Melissa Doherty.  Kind of have to split my time between chatting (which I love) and shooting on these adventures.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0005

Stephen was rocking this board, because the content was…

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0015

on the way.  Gordon Hatt, executive director at CAFKA kicked it off.  He also filled in for CAFKA president and board chair Graham Whiting who was tackling a late-breaking and happily non-life-threatening ER visit with a kid in need of stitches.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0017

Karie Liao, introduced the CAFKA.14 lineup.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0018

Mr. Marcel O’Gorman, delivered the awesomely utopian theme of CAFKA 2014: It Should Always Be This Way.  Yes.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0019

Switching gears to Open Ears (rhyme!), Anne-Marie Donovan kicked it off…

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0020

and Gregory Oh (left) delivered the OE14 lineup.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0021

Despite having very little light…

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0012

I couldn’t resist grabbing a few more captures of Ben’s hurdy gurdy.  Musical instruments are so beautiful to shoot and have such a gravity as objects.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0002

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0023

Save all of June for CAFKA and Open Ears.  Well, you’d better also set aside June 8 for the Grand Porch Party, too.

CAFKA 2014 biennial press event-0008



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  1. Stephen Preece says:

    Darren! Way to capture the excitement of these two great events. Can’t wait for an awesome June with OPEN EARS and CAFKA keeping us on the cultural map.

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