Sunday night tales and ales–Speakeasy Live

Speakeasy Live 010

I heard about this thing that Melanie Baker and David Yoon just cooked up late last year called Speakeasy Live.  The idea is simply story telling and socializing, so I headed down to k-town on Sunday night to check it out.  I also heard they were hosting it at The Bent Elbow (Harold Kroeker’s joint), which was rumoured to have a great beer selection and good food (both true).  The TL;DR: all the $10 tix sold and the place was packed, food and drink and service was great, got caught up with friends, and heard six 15-minute stories that entertained us all.  High-fives to Melanie and Dave for putting it together: this is what community looks like.

Click through for a semi-unreasonable number of photos…

Speakeasy Live 001

TBE is just north of Fairway and King.  You know, generally near Fairview Mall.

Speakeasy Live 006

Audio expertise provided by…

Speakeasy Live 061

Jonathan Fritz, whom I was happy to reconnect with after a long stretch back to the kwartzlab days.

Speakeasy Live 013

Snacks!  This is the feature grilled cheese, chips, and beer-ketchup.  Having had it on a previous visit, I know it rocks.  This time around I went for the steak and cheese flatbread: also great.

Speakeasy Live 050

My brother from the very same mother, Dave White (right), was on the scene…

Speakeasy Live 020

showing me his latest work in progress that he said was influenced by Joan Miró.  I always appreciate when an artist calls out these influences/inspirations.  Having studied a fair amount of artists/movements/history, it’s really obvious when somebody is pulling a Francis Bacon or riffing on Lichtenstein, so I appreciate forthright disclosure.

Speakeasy Live 024

The beer is here.  Outstanding selection, small kegs, switching up all the time, so come prepared to explore.  I had a Block 3 King St Saison, but I think I’m done with that beer now.  Winner of the night was Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale from Toronto’s Left Field Brewery.  If this sounds like beer snobbery, be aware: I have no idea what I’m talking about.  My simple algorithm is: don’t be tricked into a cider, nothing >8% alcohol or it gets sloppy, and… surprise me.

Speakeasy Live 032

Melanie Baker, co-host and holder of The List.

Speakeasy Live 040

David Yoon (co-host) and Melanie.

Speakeasy Live 046

Julia O. about to melt my camera with laser beam stare before discovering… it’s just me.

Speakeasy Live 056

Our first speaker, Neal Moogk-Soulis, and Jonathan moving at the speed of sound.

Speakeasy Live 072

Neal talked about proposing.

Speakeasy Live 080

Jane Barkley talked about the gift of fear, and really about the possibilities of reinventing yourself.

Speakeasy Live 082

Aubrey Brawley is a local Krav Maga instructor and talked about visiting an LA prison.

Speakeasy Live 091

Break!  This shoot was tight and I’m not exactly inconspicuous, so this must be what wedding photogs feel like.  Light was pretty low and subjects were in motion so… challenge accepted!

Speakeasy Live 103

Service at the speed of sound.

Speakeasy Live 107

Dave White muses.

Speakeasy Live 126


Speakeasy Live 131

Speakeasy Live 140

Speakeasy Live 145

Gear shot for Jonathan.

Speakeasy Live 147


Speakeasy Live 150

Speakeasy Live 160

Speakeasy Live 168

Speakeasy Live 170

Speakeasy Live 190

Speakeasy Live 175

Speakeasy Live 180

This looked like a pretty good off-stage story in progress.

Speakeasy Live 191

Speakeasy Live 184

Speakeasy Live 211

Speakeasy Live 231

Beer and gear.

Speakeasy Live 232

Speakeasy Live 240

Charlotte Armstrong, lover of science and instantiator of KW Nerd Nite was talking…

Speakeasy Live 248

about her journey to nerdom and the joys of that journey.  Always have intended to hit Nerd Nite, and in light of Charlotte’s enthusiasm, I’m all out of excuses.

Speakeasy Live 269

Dave Dame had us laughing, challenging the notion that people with a physical disability are all “good” and providing hilarious examples of his wicked sense of humour.  Awesome.

Speakeasy Live 275

Nick Benninger, head chef and proprietor along with his wife Natalie of Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21 and also partnered up in Taco Farm, talked about balancing multiple businesses and parenting.  I hear you, brother.

Speakeasy Live 283

Sound guy was happy…

Speakeasy Live 288

Our fantastic servers, Sheryl and Lisa (right?) were happy and touched, I think.  You both did a great job, together serving about 50 people at the same time.  Thanks to Harold for the great food, and Melanie and David for the event.  I’ll definitely be back for more of everything.


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7 Responses to Sunday night tales and ales–Speakeasy Live

  1. David Yoon says:

    Pleasant surprise to see you at the event! Thanks for the beautiful shots, I always look forward to seeing your pics of events in the region. You are a welcome counterpoint to the grainy and dark smart phone pics that are often the only coverage.
    You’ve captured so much in pictures but I bet you’ve got a story or two to tell as well… Maybe we can get you on the other side of the mic for a future Speakeasy? 🙂

    • dw says:

      You’re very welcome, David, and thanks for the comment. I work hard on every shoot to get incrementally better at telling the story, both visually and in words, so I really appreciate the feedback. I’m compelled to pitch in on events like Speakeasy because they immediately and directly shape the community in which I want to live. I also know how difficult these gigs are to get off the ground and sustain, so I kick in my part and hope that others will pick it up too and show up, recruit their friends, contribute, and engage, too.

      As far as telling a Speakeasy story myself, you bet I will. At the most basic level and for this type of shoot, the camera is almost beside the point. My primary goal is to talk with real people in real life. And a very rich life it is.


  2. Plus one to Mr. Yoon’s comments. So is it a specific lens or camera angle that makes a couple of clueless beer and story lovers look like well-organized hosts? 🙂

    Some time you should join me at the back. The faces of the crowd when they’re into a story are amazing.

    • dw says:

      Good idea on the crowd reaction shot. I had a number of ideas, but wanted to disrupt the speakers as little as possible. Also recognized that I just ambushed the event, though I did reach out to you guys on Saturday at and I’m sure my email is stuck in a spam filter somewhere. Glad you’re happy with the photos.


  3. Agnes says:

    Another great event in KW- missed out this time, but will make sure I make it to the next one. I was intrigued with this idea first time I heard about it.

    Darin, you should come out to Nerd Nite this week on Wed- I’ll be the artist in residence for the night. I’ll be crafting something really cute that will be raffled off at the end! And the raffle ticket money supports the artist (me), how great is that!

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