Flirting with the Arts–Sunday success

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Artist Meg Leslie cooked up, from scratch, an awesome event she called Flirting with the Arts, in which the attendees picked 6 half-hour timeslots from 12 creative workshops led by artists/writers/musicians/etc.  The whole thing went off swimmingly on Sunday and I dropped by to have a look, chat with some friends, and take an unreasonable number of photos…

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Here’s Meg.  She reached out to me share the word a bit on the event, and I was happy to help, seeing solid players involved like James Nye and Agnes Niewiadomski.  Happily all 60 tickets sold out.  I’ve got a major soft-spot for invented creative happenings (see Hilary Abel, Steel Rails; Cathy Farwell, BOX Art; Alternatives\Journal, Night\Shift).  Getting my 5+5 events off the ground back in the kwartzlab days showed me how much damned work these gigs are, how much people like them, and how critical it is to support these fragile new blocks in the the creative ecosystem.  A few bullet points before TL;DR threshold:

  • 60 tickets sold at $75/ea with 10% going to House of Friendship
  • instructors get paid, yo!  Respect.
  • 12 instructors, split evenly gender-wise, across a variety of disciplines.  Win!
  • audience was almost exclusively women
  • shout-out to the 10’ish who drove in from Orillia(!) from whence Meg hails originally

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Here’s artist Kathryn Kaiser-Hiron…

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Blame it on winter, but this whole post, my friends, gets bumped colour saturation.

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Everywhere I go, there is…

FlirtingWithTheArts 165

Mr. James Nye

FlirtingWithTheArts 186

bringing painting…

FlirtingWithTheArts 007

to the people.  To do so in a half-hour timeslot…

FlirtingWithTheArts 187

you gotta prep the canvases the night before.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 018

Xavier Fernandes was teaching…

FlirtingWithTheArts 035

lino-cut printmaking.  How cool does this look?  I was ready to drop the camera and pull up a chair here.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 203

Printmaker Xavier Fernandes.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 150

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Potatoes from attendees, destined for House of Friendship. Of course, me being highly-suggestible, I made potatoes for dinner.

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Maya Polywjanyj helping peeps develop their own symbol.

FlirtingWithTheArts 180

Maya Polywjanyj

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FlirtingWithTheArts 122

This horn controlled everything.  Honk => move to next workshop.  If you’re holding the horn, you get to speak—no, wait—wrong story.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 291

Patti Agapi (left) driving some collage-making.

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My old friend, Agnes Niewiadomski (smiling), circling up a felting crew.  Agnes has a sixth sense for when to look up and smile for a photo.  No ambushing her.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 193


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Playwright Gary Kirkham was so awesomely animated with his groups that I just wanted to linger and see what happened as they scripted a 20-second scene.  For his bill of materials, all Gary asked for was some dough to pay a videographer who shot the scenes that were created.  Can’t wait to see those vids.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 118

FlirtingWithTheArts 191

The flux capacitor.

FlirtingWithTheArts 131

Chandler (that’s a candle maker, y’all) Carol Kubassek behind the bar.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 175

Dwight Storring.

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Oh yeah!  Forgot to mention: Meg is the current artist-in-residence at kwartzlab.  Big tile project in progress, I hear.

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FlirtingWithTheArts 228

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Ryan Consell, to whom I feel indebted as he had to endure my Project Loud Monkey booth, adjacent to his, at Waterloo Maker Faire back in June last year.  This year, Ryan, I’m only considering very quiet submissions for the Faire.

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Speaking of kwartzlab, Ryan is a member, having done a stint as artist-in-residence there.  His work, shown here, is killer.

FlirtingWithTheArts 114

Brought his own table, he did.

FlirtingWithTheArts 116

This hammering makes…

FlirtingWithTheArts 232

this sort of cool stuff.

FlirtingWithTheArts 236

Tool fetish on my part + self-portrait.

FlirtingWithTheArts 237

FlirtingWithTheArts 210

Food looks awesome here.  Alas… photography > food for me.

FlirtingWithTheArts 065

Guitarist John Shymko, in from Burlington, was speed-teaching intro slide guitar.

FlirtingWithTheArts 241

He came with a whole rack of guitars, which is sort of analogous to my grab-bag of cameras.

FlirtingWithTheArts 111

He gets major maker-points from me for…

FlirtingWithTheArts 258

repurposing copper t-joints from the hardware store as…

FlirtingWithTheArts 245

a $2.50 guitar slide.  Bravo.

FlirtingWithTheArts 265

This resonator guitar is gorgeous.

FlirtingWithTheArts 272

FlirtingWithTheArts 278

This was a great venue for the event.  Definitely coming back.

FlirtingWithTheArts 280

FlirtingWithTheArts 283

Near-meta here.  This fellow photog from snapdKW.  These guys hit almost *every* event going.  Hats off to you.

FlirtingWithTheArts 286

Janice Lee (centre), teaching spoken word…

FlirtingWithTheArts 099

FlirtingWithTheArts 123

then there was dancing.

FlirtingWithTheArts 290

Maryanne Paul, teaching writing.

FlirtingWithTheArts 093

FlirtingWithTheArts 297

Had to hit the street.  Big high-five to Meg Leslie and this cool group of creative ninjas for putting this together.  This is what it’s all about.  WR, when you see these type of gigs: sign up and then show up.  Guaranteed to make you happier.


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  1. james Nye says:

    Great capture Darin! I was way too busy there yesterday to see most of what was going on. Your photos are like reliving the event!

  2. CK says:

    You captured the essence of the event Darin! Bravo! From the colour to the happy-lost-in-the-arts faces… beautiful photos!

  3. Laura McBride says:

    Great job Darin! An event that fantastic NEEDS colour saturation!!
    So glad you were able to capture the magic of that day.

  4. dw says:

    Really appreciate the comments. Cheers to active participation!


  5. Agnes says:

    Ditto what James said…I only saw & heard bits and pieces of what other were making/doing in their workshops that day…so your post really helps to paint the whole picture. Thanks for being there and telling the story with your beautiful images 🙂

  6. Aimee Kocak says:

    Looks amazing! Great Job!!!

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  8. Meg says:

    These pics are so delicious. Thanks so much Darin. We’re doing it again next February…’s in the works already. : ))

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