Do you Winterloo?

Winterloo 2014 464
Photo: Arden White

TIL from Twitter that something called Winterloo was on in our fair city, and running through the entire long weekend.  So, I set out for uptown with one of my fave photogs…

Winterloo 2014 011

Arden aka Adub, to shoot…

Winterloo 2014 026

the goings-on.  Here, the Siskins vs City Councillors drew a crowd.

Winterloo 2014 038

People large and small skating and…

Winterloo 2014 052

ice sliding.  This slide was wicked and *fast*.

Winterloo 2014 057

I saw *the* coolest dog, and…

Winterloo 2014 060

some pretty amazing and…

Winterloo 2014 080


Winterloo 2014 108

ice carving in progress.

Winterloo 2014 111

Tools of the trade.

Winterloo 2014 113

Winterloo 2014 101

Looked like a blast!

Winterloo 2014 114

Terrific photo booth of ice…

Winterloo 2014 116

that we too took a turn at.

Winterloo 2014 123

So Canadian.  Pucks and frisbee giveaways had all seasons covered.

Winterloo 2014 126

Ok, one more of the ice carving.  So cool visually, makerly, whatever!

Winterloo 2014 139

Skatin’, and…

Winterloo 2014 147

chattin’ (Arden talking with Rosemary and Peter), and…

Winterloo 2014 154

lacin’ and strappin’, and…

Winterloo 2014 161

leapin’ and carryin’, and…

Winterloo 2014 173


Winterloo 2014 408-2
Photo: Arden White

Gratuitous shot of me from my pal.

Winterloo 2014 492
Photo: Arden White

Winterloo 2014 120

Alright, Waterloo Region, get yourself to the Winterloo site and see what’s on tap for Sunday and Monday.  Community: engage!


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2 Responses to Do you Winterloo?

  1. Agnes says:

    Well apparently I can’t leave this town for one weekend…I miss all the cool stuff! I’ll be at Family Hack Jam all day Monday, so no Winterloo for me, too bad. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Those ice sculptures look amazing- love that picture frame! I think I may have found my next “craft” to try out 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    Great shots, D!

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