Uptown Waterloo 014-2

After having a beer with Thad at Ethel’s on Tuesday night, he went back to work and I went looking for a shoot.  I intended to camp out and wait for something interesting to go by, but there was no wait at all when I rolled into Waterloo Public Square uptown.  There was a massive game of shinny in progress.

Uptown Waterloo 021

Uptown Waterloo 039

There was almost no talking at all on the ice…

Uptown Waterloo 042

and precious little on the bench, too.  It was absolutely freezing outside at 10pm and more and more guys just kept showing up…

Uptown Waterloo 048

and lacing up.

Uptown Waterloo 057

Classic shinny: no goalie.  That glove on the right is generally where the “net” appeared to be.

Uptown Waterloo 061

Uptown Waterloo 078

Uptown Waterloo 090

Uptown Waterloo 096

Happy winter, fellow Canadians.


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