KCI kicks it After Hours

IMG_00000942(wish I knew who did this print, but there were no names or prices.  Mash-up of textures with stylized photos)

My travels took me to Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School (more commonly known as KCI) on Wednesday night.  Yes, I went back to high school.  Bought student work, chatted with makers.  Very cool.

Click through for a few more pics…


The After Hours event offered art, crafts, photography, dance, and music.  There was a mix of student and, uh… non-student makers selling or simply displaying their work.  Based on an enthusiastic account by a student maker, teacher Jason Panda is (one of?) the driving forces behind After Hours.  He had a table with some of his excellent photography, but I didn’t catch him there as I’m sure he was busy running around the school doing event-running type things.  I think the student at the adjoining table covered it off for me, and probably with less modesty and equal pride as Jason would have himself.


My niece, Alex (left), daughter of Brohemus, had a table here with her friend Jen.


Bought one of these bookmarks (second from right).  Was the maker… Lauren?


Bought some zipper earrings (not for me), from Thea Taylor.  Cool.  More stuff at her Etsy store.  Now *that’s* how you sell stuff.  Beside Thea’s table were some great photographs by  Anestis Papoutsis, billed on his card as “Communication Technology Specialist High Skills Major”.  Also away from his table, and likely working behind the scenes, too.



Bought (right).

“Chaos” – Jordan Germann (I gather)

I wish these font characters…


and texture prints…


were for…


sale.  Would have bought a whack of them.


“Fontbot” – Tait Goos

Contact info cards for the artists would have been helpful.



It was a bit like being in a John Hughes movie.


My haul included some great photo cards by Lauryn Reeves.  Really great work.


Oh!  I also got this cool bottlecap picture magnet.  Maker, tell me your name again.  Used a ModPodge product to give that glassy look on top.


The future looks bright for creativity.


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  1. Juanita says:

    wow, wish I had known about it! always nice to be able to walk to things in my own neighbourhood 🙂 will look for it next year.

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