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Double R Steel tour 030

Inch-thick steel is almost sculptural.  Such were the awesome stacks of it at Double R Steel in Kitchener.  Last weekend, during the BOX Art Show & Sale, I had the good fortune to tour through Double R Steel’s heavy shop that adjoins the venue used for BOX on Ardelt Place.

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Double R Steel tour 029

Don Voisin, owner of Double R Steel, was our tour guide.  Don was a big help for BOX, lending his forktruck, installing steel plates to ease accessibility to the venue, and enthusiastically leading us through his shop.  Thanks Don!

Double R Steel tour 021

First up was this enormous plasma cutter.  This computer-controlled can accurately blast intricate designs through massive sheets of steel.  This photo doesn’t do justice to the scale of this machine: it is huge.

Double R Steel tour 023

Here’s a nozzle from the cutter head you see mounted to the gantry in the previous photo.

Double R Steel tour 025

I believe this maple leaf is cut from aluminum plate.

Double R Steel tour 027

These decorative fire pits (I think) are cut, then…

Double R Steel tour 032

rolled, then…

Double R Steel tour 036

welded here on-site.

Double R Steel tour 041

I could have shot this shop the whole morning, but I was running and gunning so I could keep up with Don’s description of the various areas and products within the shop.

Double R Steel tour 049

At the far end of the shop, amid ringing hammers, we found blacksmith Sandra Dunn of Two Smiths!  —brief digression: you must check out Jonathan Bielaski and Gabriela Soares’ excellent post about Sandra, then go down the rabbit hole reading all their posts on For The Love Of It—   Sandra was working with…

Double R Steel tour 052

John Monteath (thanks James Nye) of Manuka Forge as they were designing newels for a pretty substantial railing.  A happy surprise to find this nook on our tour.

Double R Steel tour 055

A huge shop, giant overhead cranes, gargantuan rolling machines, material on a massive scale, and great light to boot.  Fantastic tour.

Double R Steel tour 059

Big thanks again to Double R Steel and Don Voisin for a glimpse into this domain.


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  1. james Nye says:

    Great post as always Darin. John Monteath is the other Blacksmith working with Sandra.

  2. I wasn’t able to slip out and do the tour so thanks for sharing …always better through your eyes Darin!
    I wish these sorts of experiences were more readily available for young people making career decisions. Lots of role models out there for many professions but harder without contacts to be exposed to careers possible in the skilled trades.

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