Building the BOX

BOX13 intake 071

The BOX Art Show & Sale 2013 is coming this weekend, Nov 16/17.  Get there!

I checked in on the BOX crew to preview the venue and see how things are shaping up.  Spent an hour shooting *outside* before I even got in the door.  Going to be a great show…

BOX13 intake 012

Always good signage.  Recognize that Double R Steel sign in the background?  You see it when you’re on Highway 7/8 (at left) between Courtland and Homer Watson.

BOX13 intake 109

Now, there’s a fantastic sign on the east side of the building.  I trust you can all google-map your way to Ardelt Place.  I took the Homer Watson exit, south on HW, left on Hanson, left on Ardelt.  Easy.

BOX13 intake 023


BOX13 intake 054

Missed sunrise by an hour, but the light was still pretty good.

BOX13 intake 062

Lots of parking for BOX.

BOX13 intake 076

This crane was all kinds of cool.  Loved the way it was framing the sky.  And it seemed almost like a giant wireframe.

BOX13 intake 080

Fun DW Fact: during my transition from my fine art studies to comp sci, I took a job in Guelph at Canadian Howell, making these things.  These are power rails for overhead cranes (as shown in previous photo).  Copper pin for conductor.  Steel pin for strength.  Crimp.  Snap on insulator.  Stamp with company logo.  Repeat.  These particular rails are from GrayBar, the competition.

BOX13 intake 083

Ok, enough of this very very interesting boneyard… on to the art.

BOX13 intake 149

Here’s your door.

BOX13 intake - afternoon 017

And here is the cavernous space, mid-transition on the way to its event weekend glory.  15,000 sqft!  Can’t wait to see the Hoch men transform this space with event lighting that is being trucked in and installed this week.

BOX13 intake 160

Five feet inside the door and I spy these tremendous scraps of inch-thick plate steel.  They’re massive, and hanging up.  Is this the work of a plasma cutter?  Well, we’ll have to take the Saturday morning tour of the adjoining Double R Steel shop to find out.

BOX13 intake 178

Serving area goes here.

BOX13 intake 193

80 Ton Crane.  Yeah, 80!  It’s the size of a battleship.

BOX13 intake 183


BOX13 intake 186

BOX13 intake 198

Curator review of the final work to be included in the show.  Artists coming and going.  High-fived photog Brian Douglas as he had just wrapped up his review.  For a sense of the size of the place, check out the relative size of the people in this shot.

BOX13 intake - afternoon 003

Here’s the big crane again.  See the three horizontal orange bars?  Those are the power rails that power the crane as it slides along the length of the shop.

BOX13 intake - afternoon 015


BOX13 intake - afternoon 032

There’s my good friend Denise Strong, way over there, setting up some work for a review.

BOX13 intake - afternoon 097

And to find out more about this guy, come to the show.  This weekend.  Nov 16/17.  Saturday and Sunday.  And don’t miss the pre-show talks.  And don’t forget to order an awesome $5 box lunch from EVO.  And sit near me during lunch so we can chat.  All official deets at the BOX site.


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7 Responses to Building the BOX

  1. james Nye says:

    Darin, I was already pretty excited about BOX 13, but now it’s borderline giddiness. Luckily, I get to spend all week feeling small in that beautiful and cavernous space. It is so neat seeing the space transformed.

  2. Bren Schuiling says:

    DW you are the uber BLOGstar of BOX Art Show!!!

    Thanks for snapturing these sweet shots!! I am looking forward to following your trail of eye candy all the way to the show (and beyond!!)


  3. Denise Strong says:

    It feels like standing on the edge of a beautiful pool, the water is slightly rippling and soon we will dive into the water and feel engulfed and supported, to reappear refreshed and energized when Monday arrives. Darin your photos stimulate mind images….thank you for sharing..Denise.

  4. Mark Essner says:

    First your 8 x 10 coverage….now these great me moments captured. Amazing stuff :-). I waved as I drove in on Saturday when you were shooting the BOX sign in the driveway bright and early. See you in a couple days! Thanks for capturing all these memories

    • dw says:

      I was watching my back there in the driveway so as not to get clipped by a car coming around the corner. Oh the perils of photography… 😉

  5. Mark Essner says:

    That was a typo…not ” me ” moments….yeesh. My phone decided to type “me”. 🙁

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