BOX the work

BOX13-the work 010-Fatima GarzanBOX13-the work 018-Mark EssnerBOX13-the work 024-Maria HollandBOX13-the work 029-Brian DouglasBOX13-the work 035-Simona ZacBOX13-the work 041-Christina PreeceBOX13-the work 046-Patrick StieberBOX13-the work 048-Maca SuazoBOX13-the work 052-Lauren JudgeBOX13-the work 058-Lauren JudgeBOX13-the work 059-Pamela RojasBOX13-the work 065-Joe MartzBOX13-the work 067-Amy FerrariBOX13-the work 075-James NyeBOX13-the work 078-Raegan LittleBOX13-the work 081-Jen WeberBOX13-the work 085-Amy RogerBOX13-the work 028-2-Bill Schwarz

Fragments of work from various BOX13 artists – mouseover images to reveal artist names

Ok, so one last time: BOX Art Show & Sale is on this weekend Nov 16/17.  Get there!

I dropped by the venue today.  Lights are up and working.  Work is lit.  This is a show ready to go.  And here’s the deal: I’m not shooting the actual show this year, just enjoying it. If you want to see this great work and more in its uncropped glory, you’ll have to make your way down to Ardelt Place this weekend.  Be sure to bring some sort of payment mechanism so you can take some work home.  And please say hello to me if you’ve enjoyed the posts and pics on BOX.  I’m the tall, bearded guy without a camera.

Happy BOXing,

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