David G. White at Café Pyrus

Update 2013-11-02 06:36: just learned Dave’s paintings are being moved out of Café Pyrus to keep them safe from a dance party there on Saturday night for Night\Shift. You can’t make this stuff up. Consequently, if he is there it will be for dancing, and possibly discussing his work, but without the paintings, apologies. DW



My brohemus, the ever-lovin’ David G. White, is going to be hanging out at Café Pyrus on Saturday night at 11pm during Night\Shift so get over there and ask him all the questions about his paintings that are hanging there, in a show curated by David Atkinson.  You’ll know Dave by this picture at right.

Dave also has work hanging in the Dreamscapes show over at WalterFedy on Queen until Dec 18, which means the studio is nearly empty, which means more painting is in progress.

Connect with Dave here.

Bro Coffee 001-3
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