St. Jacob’s Farmers Market on fire

St Jacobs Farmers Market Fire 063

Saw a photo posted to reddit by Brandon Lieng of the market on fire and trucked over there with my gear.  Tough to get near the fire with many of the roads blocked off.  Shot this from the roadside on King St N above Lobsinger Line.  The uprights you see between the trees is apparently all that’s left of the main building.  A bystander who lives beside the gas station at Wagner’s Corner told me the flames were visible above the trees a short while before I got there.  My friend Tony Reinhart retweeted the fire page received at 01:48:36 so I was a couple of hours behind the fire crews.

Hope all are safe and my heart goes out to Brady’s Meat & Deli, Stonecrock Bakery, and all the other vendors at the market.  Click through for a few more pics…

St Jacobs Farmers Market Fire 073

Looped around off Lobsinger to Apple Grove Rd to get up in the TSC parking lot and shoot this from the corner of Weber and Farmers Market Rd.  From this vantage point it looks levelled. 

St Jacobs Farmers Market Fire 080

Lot of crews on scene.

St Jacobs Farmers Market Fire 088

From this shot it looks like the fire was contained to the main building and didn’t hit the flea market or livestock building.


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11 Responses to St. Jacob’s Farmers Market on fire

  1. My heart sank to read this. So many locals rely on this amazing place for so much and for long! Thank you for heading out there and capturing these shocking images.

  2. Kellie says:

    This is devastating. My family and I were just there on the weekend visiting the market and said we couldn’t wait to go back up again in the early winter. I feel so terrible for the Mennonites who’s livelihood it was to go to the market and sell their wares. :-(. I heard this happening as it happened last night on my police scanner. Absolutely horrible event. :'(. My heart goes out to the vendors. 🙁

  3. Gary Stortz says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Inside vendors of the farmers market and the employees. It will carry on, It has to. it is a Waterloo Region landmark.

  4. Keith says:

    This is terrible news.
    I’m sure they will rebuild.

  5. Over the years I have gone to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market from the age 1 and seeing this Building to what it is now, it did being all of us throughout the world as one event we we had some movie stars who stopped in and people from the Government, we always welcomed them with our hearts, we know that there was a lot vendors who have lost a lot from this fire but lets stand strong for them and give them a hand and our love. Something has to be done Now not later for the workers and the people who have lost a lot, yea we have lost this place but not like the Vendors.

  6. Brian Bradbury says:

    I’m sure hopeful that The Region Of Waterloo will work real hard to get the Market up and running as soon as possible, this St Jacob’s Market is one of the biggest tour area’s of the Region Of Waterloo it has been a Staple of the Region.

  7. Alicia timmons says:

    This is horrible, The St.Jacobs farmers market was a beautiful place to go troughout the summer to buy lovely fresh veggies, fruit, and amazing meat products. My famiy and I have been going there for years. I hope that they are able to rebuild and start up again. My thoughts and prayers are with all the mennonite families who were involved in keeping this place up and running all these years. I pray that they all are able to come together as afamily and community and help to rebuild and bring us back our favourite markwt and waterloo regions landmark. My heart breaks just thinking of all the stuff lost and all the damage done.

  8. Brian Bradbury says:

    You bet the community will rally together and have a local Barn Raising such as the local Mennonite Community will do for their own and you bet The local Townships and Communities will be there with open arms and sleeves rolled up along with the Region Of Waterloo.

  9. Tony Reinhart says:

    Good hustle in getting up there to record this sad event, Darin

  10. Janet Massender says:

    I just heard out door market will be open Thurs.
    Our prayers are with all who have been effected by this terrible fire.

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