Something cooking in Waterloo

Friday in Waterloo 063

Uptown Waterloo eateries put out their best in the public square and Waterloo responded with gusto.  This is as close as I was able to come to any of the actual food at the Solstice Sampling.  With a 7pm start, showing up at 8pm left me and about 150 others wistfully looking into the promised land from a long queue.  Shortly after, we were gently and very politely (Canadian!) waved off as the vendors had mostly sold out, so a bad-news-good-news story.  Didn’t get in: bad.  Waterloo shows up en masse to hang out and do something in the public square: good.

Click through for a few more pics.  Hey, BIA, these photos are for sale, or will consider interesting trades for… food.  Not kidding.

Friday in Waterloo 017

Nice to see a lot of people on King St north of Union.  And on the same night as Steel Rails, no less.

Friday in Waterloo 026

Small people instinctively know when you’re photographing them.

Friday in Waterloo 030

There appeared to be queues inside the event space…

Friday in Waterloo 035

and outside…

Friday in Waterloo 079

and around the corner.

Friday in Waterloo 086

Given the popularity of this gig, I reckon similar events are on the horizon. 

Friday in Waterloo 134

High five for uptown eats.


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