1shot #062-I think it moved

Santa Race - DW 176

but I’m not sure.


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2 Responses to 1shot #062-I think it moved

  1. m & d in the Point says:

    Yes, It moved…New Title: “Breakfast Bacon!”… a good shot along with these others:
    Gear Box” with multiple parts that should move after WD-40, “All The Horses” lined up for a rest and two Thought Provoking photos: “One Scale Of Reason” which you sub title as a Mystery (very true) but it probably is Dad’s “STUFF” in the 702 back garage!! and the final one… the “Engaged Community” a photo of interested students and others… a subtle message that we really do have positive hopes for 2013 and beyond.

    Keep on “Shootin’!” How do you like the short comments? Too long, but sincere, eh!

    Ol’ M & D in the Point

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