Looking up and in #009


Today, a fellow-photog, commented that the blogged low-res versions of these photos from my Looking Up and In series didn’t fully represent the much-better-detail of the final prints hanging on the wall in the office.  So, above, is a clickable full-res version (big!) that also includes a mock-up of the framing and matting to give you a better virtual sense of the final product. 

Framed print in this limited series of 10 for sale: $200.  Just email me.  Matted image is 12.5” square, with mat and frame 22.5” square.  Project statement is back on the first post.

New-marbles-011_200px    New-marbles-189_200px    New-marbles-176_200px

They look even better as a set, so why buy one when you can buy 3?  Or 7?  If you’re interested in a set in the same colour family (all blues), we can figure that out.

New marbles-011

So now when you see photos like this one on makebright, you will hopefully have a better visual on the final product.


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  1. M & D IN THE POINT says:

    Hey there, Darin… Re: your “Looking up and In” Series…. full- res version is the best..glad that a fellow photograper pointed this out. Always neat to receive some tips! Your page showing typical frames of this series is so colourful… keep up the great photography!
    M & D

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