Looking up and in #001


Here’s a little higher falutin’ for your Thursday morning.  Framed print in this limited series of 10 for sale: $200.  Just email me.  Matted image is 12.5” square, with mat and frame 22.5” square.  Before you read the rest, please note that writing about myself in the third person is as comfortable as a wool sweater on bare skin…

Artist Statement

This series of photos is part of the photographer’s broader exploration of point-of-view of the observer. Free of context, the images challenge viewers to apply their own interpretations and consider if they are looking at objects or looking through peepholes. Lacking cues of scale, the audience may consider the point of view to be microscopic, cosmic, or completely irrelevant. The ambiguity around the subject matter (“What is it?”) is deliberate, creating an opportunity to ponder, explore, and enjoy the unknown.

Artist Biography

Darin White studied fine art and computer science, graduating from The University of Guelph. He grew up on the shore of Lake Huron in Point Edward, Ontario and comes from a family of very keen photographers. As a twenty-year resident of Waterloo, White has contributed to the community through efforts in the maker movement and local creative ecosystem by documenting those domains in a photo-journalistic approach on his blog, makebright.com. In 2011, White was nominated for an Arts Award Waterloo Region in the Open category for his photography and blogging supporting local cultural gems such as BOX Art, Art Allies, and The Jazz Room.

White is slightly uncomfortable with the term “artist” and self-identifies as a maker, often designing and fabricating his own gear to support his photographic pursuits. He is open to all types of collaborations.

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  6. M & D IN THE POINT says:

    Hey there, makebright proprietor… your site is awesome. Does one really have to choose a favourite? Very difficult when the subject photos are so diversified and interesting. The “marbles” series does draw a person to their beauty. Who would have thought that your methods could capture these hidden designs… well done!

    Thanks for your “BRO night” comments and the photos resulting from your weekly meetings. Also, your photos of how your Bro paints, from the very beginning and to the finished presentation are interesting and shows his talents. Glad you are there to work as a team… keep at it! You have a great blog, young feller!

    And that’s it for a “brief” comment, eh!! M & D in the Point

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