Looking Down–beginning a series

Scroll this image to the right.

For the last few months I’ve been doing experiments with point-of-view (POV).  I want to photograph people/places/things from aboveLooking Down is intended to explore the many associations we have with this simple change in point-of-view: fragility of the species, parent to child, child to toys, the religious notion of a god to the people, monarch to subjects, the sci-fi notion of aliens to earthlings, and increasingly the Orwellian pervasiveness of the watchers to the surveilled.  The viewer of these images assumes a role, perhaps unwillingly, that is unfamiliar and quite different from the “peer” role of the typical facebook photograph taken level at 4 feet off the ground.

I’ve constructed a number of rigs to achieve different POV’s and will continue capturing images in this series until it is ready to show.  The strip shown above is a sample from the series thus far.

Happy making,

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