Grand Porch Party 2012–this is *my* Waterloo

Grand Porch Party 2012 137

Did you need another reason to love living in Waterloo Region?  How about the completely awesome Grand Porch Party that lit up a core neighbourhood Sunday afternoon with something like 33(!) music acts?  Dreamt up and made real by Tenille Bonoguore and supported by her husband Tony Reinhart and no doubt lots of other volunteers, this totally free event really blew my hair back.

Grand Porch Party 2012 028

There were a lot of people taking over the streets.

Grand Porch Party 2012 013

Loved the chalk.

Grand Porch Party 2012 065

Serious neighbourhood participation.

Grand Porch Party 2012 088

Loved Silvia Dee + The Boyfriend…

Grand Porch Party 2012 015

on Menno St.

Grand Porch Party 2012 097

+1 for Hank Williams covers.

Grand Porch Party 2012 047

Bravo to the sponsors!  Would love to see “The City of Waterloo” in this list.  Did we get on board?

Grand Porch Party 2012 005

Richard Garvey playing to the shaded crowd.

Grand Porch Party 2012 008

Tenille designed these really cool shirts.  I gotta find one of the man-sized white ones locally.  Just couldn’t haul it around with the cameras too.

Grand Porch Party 2012 056

Couldn’t find names for these happy guitar players anywhere.  Fill me in readers: they were at 69 Roslin.

Grand Porch Party 2012 104

Grand Porch Party 2012 106

People, of all ages…

Grand Porch Party 2012 111

and porches of all descriptions.  Glen Soulis (and pal) at 53 Menno St.  I could be totally missing on the credits here.  Realized today I’ve mostly shot indoors, low (but even) light events.  Super-photo-challenge today to shoot mixes of bright sunshine and deep shade.  Aperture Priority and Manual today, just trying to get something usable.  No ND filters, but I reckon they don’t help in radically mixed light levels anyway.

Grand Porch Party 2012 116

Grand Porch Party 2012 018

Grand Porch Party 2012 119

Sam Nabi at 34 Menno.  Hey, many of the performers are listed here, so you click through to their sites and buy their stuff.

Grand Porch Party 2012 023

Grand Porch Party 2012 034

Meta!  Caught H. shooting pics, which through some unknown series of events were deleted.

Grand Porch Party 2012 035

31 degrees Celsius today, no rain.  Beautiful.

Grand Porch Party 2012 145

Failte & Company were playing 62 Euclid…

Grand Porch Party 2012 148

and sounded…

Grand Porch Party 2012 156


Grand Porch Party 2012 043

Grand Porch Party 2012 024

Funny to think that tomorrow, this bustle…

Grand Porch Party 2012 001

will be replaced by this quiet, but what remains is my new appreciation for this great neighbourhood.  That, and the affirmation (and I rarely use that word) that a small group of people can make a really positive impact in the community.  Thanks for the invite, Tony.

Happy making,

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7 Responses to Grand Porch Party 2012–this is *my* Waterloo

  1. H. says:

    You are awesome. These pics are gorgeous.
    What a wicked Sunday!!

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  3. Juanita says:

    Great photos Darin. Sorry I missed seeing you for our regular community event chat!

    And you know what…I have to admit, I got a little squirmy about your wish to see the City of Waterloo among the list of sponsors. To me, the beauty of this event is that it is dreamed, organized, led, coordinated, hosted, promoted, loved and beloved by citizens and neighbours who just want to do cool stuff in their neighbourhood with and for others. I love the simplicity and freedom that comes with a non-corporate event.
    We’ve become so dependent on outside supports that we’ve forgotten how to do real community led and community led initiatives anymore. I wholeheartedly support the Grand Porch Party in keeping it real.

    I know the City is supportive of the event and helped out in creative ways, but the best thing the City of Waterloo can do for the Grand Porch Part is…. let it be.

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