BOX Encore elevates

Encore - BOX11 078
chemicals, oil paint, blowtorch, magic, on copper – Cathy Farwell

BOX11 Encore, showing the work of BOX artists, opened tonight at WalterFedy’s art space.  This is a really strong show, curated by Suzanne Luke, and appears in one of my favourite spots to check out art.  Public shows are May 2, 9, and 16 from 5-7pm with artists on hand.  Definitely check it out, and if you like it: buy it!  Like this killer piece above by Cathy.  Sold.


Encore - BOX11 002
Oil on canvas – David G. White

My bro, David G. White, busted his painting Checkpoint out of his apartment and into the WF lobby.  Looks awesome.  It’s huge: 66” x 96”

Encore - BOX11 011
Oil on canvas – David G. White

Buy it while you can still afford Dave’s work!

Encore - BOX11 022
mixed media – l. t. dougherty

This sculptural piece by l. t. shows, as you might expect, incredible detail.  Hand-carved miniature wooden clothes pins.  Respect.

Encore - BOX11 028

Good turnout.  And lots o’ cheese.  Really.  Real cheese.

Encore - BOX11 031

Jared, shootin’ the good photos.  Hey, forgot to ask you: what rig are you shooting that makes zero shutter noise?  Super stealth!

Encore - BOX11 035
Oil on canvas – Greg Kirch 

Ok, this piece by Greg really blew my hair back.

Encore - BOX11 041
Oil on canvas –
Greg Kirch

You gotta see it…

Encore - BOX11 039
Oil on canvas – Greg Kirch

in person.  It’s sizzling.

Encore - BOX11 065
Acrylic on canvas – nik harron 

nik, bringing the awesome…

Encore - BOX11 068
Acrylic on canvas –
nik harron

textures again.  Right up my alley.

Encore - BOX11 069
Black and white piezographic print – Larry Williamson

Larry got these prints done by a guy in Milton who has this piezographic print rig with 8 cartridges of black ink that lay down this amazing black.

Encore - BOX11 044
Oil on canvas – Mr. James Nye 

And Mr Nye, doing what he does best.

Check out the show.  In May.

Happy making,

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4 Responses to BOX Encore elevates

  1. cathy Farwell says:

    Does this man sleep?
    Awesome blog as always Darin. Amazing what you always manage to suss out in a few short hours. It is a great show – with 3 more chances to see the art up close and personal!

  2. karen scian says:

    Wow. That Greg Kirch piece is unreal – I can only imagine what it looks like, LIVE!
    Dave’s work is, as per usual, spectacular.

    Thanks for sharing Darin. 🙂

  3. Raegan Little says:

    Darin, I LOVE Makebright. This is a great blog, and thanks for the awesome review of the show. I’m gonna try some of that “macro on the cheap” this week! I’ll let you know how it works out.

  4. dw says:

    Thanks for the comments! Dialogue!


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