Smartphone macro photography–on the cheap


I cracked open one of those 1-time-use disposable film cameras, pulled the 8mm plastic lens out, and taped it on the front of my smartphone.  You have to manually focus by moving the phone, but you get some interesting results with nothing invested but a little time.

Thanks to my bro for the odds and ends to shoot.  He has lots of interesting bits kicking around “the museum”, all part of the nostalgia that feeds his work.

Gonna let this post push the margins of the layout.  To hell with constraints.


Ancient penny showing a really classic typeface.


Shot this nickel on top of an inverted drinking glass that I lit from below and also from the left with my homebrew white photoflash LEDs.


Spent shell.



Happy making,

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3 Responses to Smartphone macro photography–on the cheap

  1. Jerry Bryant says:

    Awesome shots Darin!

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