Down in the valley

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The Chemical Valley, that is.  While in Point Edward with Dave White visiting my folks, we took a drive down to the south end of Sarnia for some night shots.  I worked in a couple of places down here and always thought the plants were very Blade Runner with the flares and lights and smells.  Sort of post-apocalyptic.  As environmentally-frightening as this is, take a look around you for all the plastic, rubber, paint, gasoline, whatever.  It was very possibly made in a place like this.  We all are the demand.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (61)-2

This is the Imperial Oil Products and Chemical Division.  Contractor Gate 216, shot from Vidal St. S at Kenny.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (69)

This is shot from the tripod with a Tamron 17-50mm at 27mm at F22 for 16 seconds.  Caught a truck leaving the gate to get the streaks of the marker lights.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (87)

This is Cabot Carbon, shot from Vidal.  We waited a while to get the right vehicle taillights to get the bright red streak.  Vans and pickups work best.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (96)

This is the INEOS NOVA plant on Tashmoo shot from Churchill Rd across the field.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (110)

Looking up after shooting NOVA, I noticed this great hydro tower.  This thing is massive.  Made me think of the large scale drawings done by my prof, Rick Potruff, who btw is a totally wicked dude.

Point_Edward_Feb_2012 (115)

And then this tree, south of Churchill Rd, seemed to be a bit of an echo of that hydro tower.  Orange cast was from the streetlights and lights of the valley.  It’s never dark here.

The whole shoot had this kind of other-world feel to it.

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2 Responses to Down in the valley

  1. Lisa M says:

    Love the chemical valley shots!

  2. M & D IN THE POINT says:

    Hey there, Darin!

    The “Valley” shots were exceptional. Glad that you and Brother Dave found time to capture your home area… especially the results with the time exposures! Of course… night shots have always intrigued us. A job well done, Young Feller!

    M & D in the Point

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