Arduino 101 meetup prep – day 2 – twirly knobs

5May2009 – old stuff that may still be useful

This salvaged bit with 5 pots was from a Sony monitor I believe.

It was another straight-forward reverse-the-board job…

and using a proper labbook this time

I just needed to jumper a few places to accommodate (+5V,Gnd) instead of the original (+5V,-12V) connections

and add the every-handy PC-guts wires to hook it to the Duemilanove

and then write a simple sketch (below) to read the 5 voltage levels every half second and send the result to a PC-hosted terminal

so you can see the values changing as I madly twirl the knobs.  For the newly-initiated, a potentiometer is a variable resistor that’s handy for things like this case where you want to provide a circuit with a user-adjustable voltage.  The Arduino looks at this analog voltage which in this case might range between ground (0V) and Vcc (+5V) (but not quite that wide because of the other resistors involved), and does an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)  via the sketch instruction:

val0 = analogRead(potPin0);

So now what was previously, say, 3.97 volts in the analog world is now 813 in the digital realm.  I think this is a 10-bit ADC, so you take your 0V-to-5V and break it up into 2**10 (1024) discrete buckets that can be used to approximately represent the original analog value.  (3.97/5.0)*1024 = 813.  Here I just dump out these values to the terminal, but you might use them to control the speed of a motor or the brightness of an LED.

We can talk more about this in person at the Arduino meetup on Friday (I’ll be late, but I’ll be there).


Arduino code:

Read values on 5 pots on analog inputs 0 to 4 and send over serial port to host pc
Author: Darin White
Date: 2009-05-05

long i=0;
int val0=0;
int val1=0;
int val2=0;
int val3=0;
int val4=0;

int potPin0 = 0;
int potPin1 = 1;
int potPin2 = 2;
int potPin3 = 3;
int potPin4 = 4;

void setup()

void loop()
  val0 = analogRead(potPin0);    // read the values from the 5 pots all at once to get the best snapshot
  val1 = analogRead(potPin1);
  val2 = analogRead(potPin2);
  val3 = analogRead(potPin3);
  val4 = analogRead(potPin4);  
  Serial.print(" | ");
  Serial.print(" | ");
  Serial.print(" | ");
  Serial.print(" | ");
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