A few night photos…

Night Shots 040

Brohemus and I took a walk on Brother Night last week, toting the camera gear.  Shot some long exposures while suffering from exposure.  Here’s the hope-to-god-they-finish-this-hotel construction site at Erb and Father David Bauer.  Et la lune.

Night Shots 042

Dave’s interpretation.

Night Shots 049

A little CIGI.  So many better shots would be possible if we could just turn the streetlights out for a few minutes.  Who at the city can help me with that?

Night Shots 052

My inbox.  (not really)

Night Shots 020


Night Shots 060

The last physicist.

Happy making,


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  1. JM says:

    You just might have a great idea Darin… why not approach one of the cities with a request to turn out a block section of streets lights for a couple hours one evening… Then invite every local photographer to come hang out for some night photography?! I would come out for that!

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