Got my jazz injection Saturday…

The Jazz Room 118

at THE JAZZ ROOM, of course.  (Mike Malone on horn here)

A 3-hour photo-shooting-orgy ensued because
1. we got there at doors open 6pm for a front row seat,
2. instruments and musicians are interesting subject matter,
3. I had my 70-200mm f2.8 and Bastow’s 17-55mm f2.8,
4. I love that live music

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The Jazz Room 051

The Jazz Room 501

Ted’s Warren Commission headlined.  Left to right: Kim Ratcliffe – guitar, Ted Warren – drums, Mike Malone – trumpet, Mike Downes – bass.  These guys were amazing.  And only 6 feet away.

The Jazz Room 182

Instruments have a magical quality, precious artifacts.

The Jazz Room 465

The Jazz Room 067

The Jazz Room 208

And what really makes the whole thing come alive…

The Jazz Room 170

is the complete and obvious joy when musicians do what they love to do.  Ted has so much fun with the art form that it’s infectious.  Totally playful.  Having grown up on classic rock, let’s consider Saturday night the beginning of my re-education on what’s actually possible on the drums.

The Jazz Room 058

The Jazz Room 158

These guys are crazy-good at what they do.

The Jazz Room 177

The Jazz Room 057

The Jazz Room 176

The Jazz Room 180

The Jazz Room 099

When musicians are this good and they get in a flow, I think they allow themselves to push the envelope.  I’m curious to know how jazz works with respect to what’s on the page and what appears to be some serious free-styling.

The Jazz Room 200

The Jazz Room 126

The Jazz Room 066

The Jazz Room 217

The Jazz Room 138

I was totally humbled by Kim’s insanely fast runs up and down the fretboard.  So, later on I looked him up on the web and he’s been playing for 30 years.  Starts to make sense.

The Jazz Room 254

The Jazz Room 055

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that…

The Jazz Room 209

the local jazz revolution…

The Jazz Room 203

will be televised.

The Jazz Room 334

My friend and local jazz instigator, Stephen Preece, took me…

The Jazz Room 228

behind the curtain…

The Jazz Room 405

to meet Earl McCluskie of Chestnut Hall Camerata who was…

The Jazz Room 407

masterminding the…

The Jazz Room 415

recording and streaming of the acts…

The Jazz Room 224

into a…

The Jazz Room 421

virtual performing arts festival, combining it with other recorded acts at other venues.  Interesting.  Earl and Stephen hit me up earlier in the week for some photos to include, and hey, there’s my photo right there.

The Jazz Room 372

The Jazz Room 032

Also in the house Saturday night was…

The Jazz Room 258

The Kite Trio out of Montreal who opened.  Left to right: Paul Van Dyk – bass, Eric Dew – drums, Eric Couture-Telmosse – guitar.

The Jazz Room 040

The Jazz Room 451


The Jazz Room 044


The Jazz Room 390


The Jazz Room 050

The Jazz Room 207

The Jazz Room 442

I’m embarrassed to say how many shots I took to finally get this drumstick-in-motion effect that I was going for.  But I got it.

The Jazz Room 214

Volume control?

The Jazz Room 221

The Jazz Room 231

Getting there early let me get a better look at Laurie Wonfor Nolan’s murals that she live-painted here.  Awesome.

The Jazz Room 247

Then back out into the…

The Jazz Room 189

mild night.

The Jazz Room 060

So what are you waiting for?  Check out THE JAZZ ROOM for yourself.

And take me with you.


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5 Responses to Got my jazz injection Saturday…

  1. Valerie says:


    These pics are BRILLIANT!! You’ve captured the life of the instruments and the joy and passion of the musicians beautifully. What a great eye you have. So glad to see you back in The Jazz Room. Come and enjoy more great times like this anytime!

    See you again soon.

    Cheers, Valerie

  2. Agnes says:

    Love those bricks! Great photos once again.

  3. M & D IN THE POINT says:

    Wow Darin… you excelled with the shots of The Jazz Room! We picked 4 that stood out for us… the AMAZING Drumstick in Motion, the two standing trumpet shots (close up and full view,) the bass close up and finally the lighted key board control unit!

    This does not mean that your other shots were less interesting… just do not want to get carried away in judging your photos or making yuo smile too much over our praise!

    Keep up the great work… have fun and it will be enjoyable!

    M & D in the Point

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