An idea: BOXware Drink Coasters

BOXware - Coasters - Jacqui 019

Dear Cathy Farwell (BOX Art organizer extraordinaire),

I know the fantastic BOX11 Art Show & Sale is only 6 days away (!), but I couldn’t resist prototyping one more piece of BOXware.  Drink Coasters!  My pal, Jacqui Murphy (above), of the fabulous Art Allies, helped me test drive the coasters at lunch on Friday at one of my favourite joints, The Bauer Kitchen.  So cool that selected BOX artists are offered a one year non-exclusive contract with Art Allies and their mission to connect local creators of art with local collectors of art.

BOXware 2011 010

The coaster design came off the laser cutter in two parts (base and frame).

BOXware 2011 029

Some assembly required, but I think they came out great.

BOXware - Coasters - Jacqui 044

See you at the BOX Art Show next weekend, Nov 12/13 1-4pm.  It’s about **art**, not cardboard.

Happy making,


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