Ignite Waterloo–lucky #7

Ignite Waterloo 7 028

Y’know… I just like Ignite Waterloo a lot.  I like the energy of the people organizing/speaking/attending.

Ignite Waterloo 7 008


Ignite Waterloo 7 015


Ignite Waterloo 7 019


Ignite Waterloo 7 054

I was diggin’ the shadows of the heat waves coming off the stage lights.

Ignite Waterloo 7 063

Phil was elsewhere tonight.  Memory Tree jumped in.

Ignite Waterloo 7 066

Just about ready.

Ignite Waterloo 7 068


Ignite Waterloo 7 076

Bastow’s origami cube.

Ignite Waterloo 7 078

This made me think of the movie Le ballon rouge.  A lucky charm, I think.

Ignite Waterloo 7 080

More chattin’.

Ignite Waterloo 7 085

Super-glad to be back at The Tannery for Ignite.  Much closer drive.

Ignite Waterloo 7 087

The Notorious Matan Brothers.

Ignite Waterloo 7 088

Front Row Bastow.

Ignite Waterloo 7 091

I think this guy was the official photog.  He seemed busy and we were just goofing around a lot.  Nikon/Canon thing, maybe?  Just kiddin’.  What’s up, brother?  (update: hello Erich Nolan Bertussi, long-time Ignite supporter)

Ignite Waterloo 7 092

Mr. King-and-Ottawa Howe looking and Ms Amy Schlueter sponsoring.

Ignite Waterloo 7 104

David Yoon kicks it again as host.

Ignite Waterloo 7 121

Jim Tigwell – Up in the Air – 5 minutes of straight juggling while presenting, bravo.  Ball jokes abounding.

Ignite Waterloo 7 126

James Howe – Make your Voice Heard – interesting to hear from the man from the corner IRL.

Ignite Waterloo 7 133

++ for the brogues

Ignite Waterloo 7 141

Jonathan Wise – What is the Cloud?

Ignite Waterloo 7 145

Ignite Waterloo 7 153

Mohamed AbdElRazik Mansour – Egyptian Revolution and Social Media – powerful message.  Watch the vid on this one.

Ignite Waterloo 7 162

Janet Kennedy – Westward Ho!

Ignite Waterloo 7 166

Corinne Taylor – Voluntouring 101: Rules for Success

Ignite Waterloo 7 170

Corinne takes my Best in Shoe prize.  These shoes are killer!

Ignite Waterloo 7 178

Chattin’, jugglin’,…

Ignite Waterloo 7 190


Ignite Waterloo 7 197

Tennessee (2 pics up in teal sweater) won for this lap-folded origami lily.  Impressive.  Good challenge, Terre.

Ignite Waterloo 7 201

Greg Kay – Mastering the Warm Call – awesomely practical advice.  Watch and learn.

Ignite Waterloo 7 207

Jodi Sonoda – Overnight Rockstar: Social Media Style

Ignite Waterloo 7 215

Sarina Bruni – My Big Fat Italian Family! – having grown up around lots of Italian families in the Point, Sarina’s talk made me smile.  Well done.  Great message.

Ignite Waterloo 7 229

Jacki Yovanoff – My Daughter’s 7th Birthday

Ignite Waterloo 7 238

Jacqui Murphy – Why Art? – Jac rocks it like a pro…

Ignite Waterloo 7 252

and injects some local art like this James Nye piece.  Speaking of James, you can see/buy his work at the BOX11 Art Show & Sale, just 15 days away at the Rumpel Felt factory on Victoria.  Nov 12/13.  If we can just agree that 4000 of you are definitely coming to BOX11 then I’ll stop talking about it (for this year).

Ignite Waterloo 7 264

Frank Reid – Nothing Says Peacekeeping Like a Blue Beret

Ignite Waterloo 7 269

Ignite Waterloo 7 274

Bastow!  Almost convincing me to buy a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8.

Ignite Waterloo 7 281

Our hosts… yes, I have name gap on Mr. Right Hand Side (update: this is Stephen Heron — thanks David).  Please chime in, readers.

Ignite Waterloo 7 287

Ignite Waterloo 7 288

BTW, good Firkin Burger tonight for dinner.

Happy making,


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9 Responses to Ignite Waterloo–lucky #7

  1. I always look forward to your coverage Darin. You tell a good story.

    • dw says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jack. Much appreciated, and good to see you again at Ignite last night.


  2. I will be at BOX! Only 3999 to go!

  3. David Yoon says:

    I always look forward to your photographic coverage – consistently beautiful. My co-host for the evening was the talented Stephen Heron, husband to the lovely Amy Schleuter who finally made it out to an Ignite (with 3 kids, including a relatively new set of twins, it’s not been easy!) The other photographer was Erich Nolan Bertussi from Cambridge who’s been a friend of Ignite for some time – though never in an official capacity. Always great to see you out at Ignite, and thanks!

    • dw says:

      Awesome! Thanks David and you’re welcome.
      You guys run a great event that is a real gem for the region. Glad I can chip in my little bit to help.


  4. corinne says:

    love the photos!! it was a great night, lots of interesting topics.
    Thanks for the shoe award, they go with everything got them at a great little art /shoe store off the main square in Cusco, Peru.

  5. James Howe says:

    Hey there! Definitely some wonderful shots here that capture the evening. You’ve even got a great action shot of me speaking. I must admit though that I never expected to see a shot of just my shoes–but there it is and it’s a fantastic shot!

    Thanks for taking them and sharing!

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