David G. White–the new work coming to BOX11


My brother from the very same mother, Dave White, and I laid out this postcard for printing in preparation for the upcoming and awesome BOX11 Art Show & Sale.  Features one of Dave’s new kick-ass oil paintings, “Verge”, that can be seen and purchased at the show, only 6 weeks from now.  You really can’t get the full impact from this tiny image: the painting is huge-mongous.  Guaranteed to blow your hair back.

Dave will be bringing two other pieces in this “dreamscape” series to BOX, but you’ll have to show up on Nov 12 and 13 to see ‘em.  No more spoilers here, yo.

Buy this art.

Happy making,


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One Response to David G. White–the new work coming to BOX11

  1. Jacqui Murphy says:

    I LOVE this painting!!! Can’t wait to see it live at BOX.

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