BOX11: it’s about art, not cardboard

BOX Stage 1 Jury 140

The BOXware campaign is going well… maybe a little too well.

At a party Saturday night, Mr. B’s line of questioning clued me in that I may have taken the whole box-cardboard-schwag thing a little too far.  “So… it’s a show of cardboard art, right?”  Aie!  No.  This was corroborated at lunch today by DFT (who can optimize your compiler—in his head!) when he said “Your blog… I just don’t get it.”

So with thanks to my honest friends, and in the spirit of “there’s no bad publicity”, let me say:

BOX11 is about art: painting, photos, sculpture, prints, you-get-the-idea (see above)

BOX11 is NOT about boxes/cardboard in any way other than it had its origins in a former industrial setting where at some point boxes were made.  That’s it.  No cardboard in the show.  Fortunately, there are only 6 people in the world that read my blog, so I haven’t misled a lot of people.

Come out to the BOX11 Art Show & Sale on Nov 12/13.  Talk to cool artists.  Buy some art.  Forget the cardboard.

BOX Stage 1 Jury 017

And now…

BOX Stage 1 Jury 030

a few more…

BOX Stage 1 Jury 099

“Jurors’ Feet”…

BOX Stage 1 Jury 103

I mean: venue pics to…

BOX Stage 1 Jury 123

entice you.

Happy crystal clear understanding of the BOX11 Art Show & Sale,


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  1. Von Darnell says:

    LOL, Darin!! You are a great ambassador for BOX, which does after all call itself BOX, not ARTSHOW. Keep up the great work, and can’t wait for the event!

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