An idea: BOXware Earrings

BOXware Earrings - Cathy Brothers 009

Dear Cathy Farwell (BOX Art organizer extraordinaire),

After prototyping the BOXware Doghouse that Hilary Abel and Martha helped me debut last week to promote the amazing BOX 11 Art Show & Sale (coming Nov 12-13), I got thinking about what you said about accessories for a night on the town.  Of course!  Earrings!

So I went back to the lab, designed these stunning BOXware Earrings, and enlisted BOX’s very good friend, Cathy Brothers (above) of Capacity Waterloo Region, to model them.  As you know, Cathy is the Executive Director in Residence for Capacity Waterloo Region, and was the super-duper guest curator for BOX10 last year.

It was a treat…

BOXware Earrings - Cathy Brothers 020

to visit Cathy at her office in the Accelerator Centre.

BOXware Earrings - Cathy Brothers 015

There’s such a great energy with Cathy and Capacity Waterloo Region’s mission to support our local non-profit community.

BOXware 2011 032

A great resonant affinity between Capacity’s mission and makebright’s mission, and…

BOXware Earrings - Cathy Brothers 021

evidence of creative minds abounding in the office.

BOXware 2011 012

Kind of reflects artifacts of makebright’s virtual lab.  Here, hot off the laser cutter, the BOXware Earrings with their knockouts still needing to be knocked out.

BOXware Earrings - Cathy Brothers 025

Only 7 weeks until the big BOX11 Art Show & Sale!  I’ve got some more ideas for BOXware, so I’d better get crackin’. 

A massive makebright thanks to Cathy Brothers for being such a sport and supporting the cause.

Lemme know what you think.



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One Response to An idea: BOXware Earrings

  1. DW – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Would you be willing to exhibit all this great BOXware at BOX 11? I know for certain that people want to see it for themselves.
    BOX11 is coming up fast. On Sept. 10th the BOX jurors – with great difficulty -selected 24 BOX 11 Artists from 61 applicants! Watch for announcements and posters in mid-October and visit It’s going to be a really exciting show.

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