An idea: BOXware Doghouse

BOXware Hilary and Martha 061

Dear Cathy Farwell (BOX Art organizer extraordinaire),

After prototyping the BOXware Hat that Jim Erb modelled to promote the amazing BOX 11 Art Show & Sale (coming Nov 12-13), I got thinking about what you said about pet lovers and their pets.  They need BOX11 schwag, too! 

So I went back to the lab, designed this handsome BOXware Doghouse facade, and enlisted my very good friends Hilary Abel and Martha (above) to test drive it.  You probably know Hilary from the ever-rockin’ RQ Magazine, the hot-wired-nexus-of-all-good-cultural-info blog that gets us all off our sofas and out into the community.

Martha was…

BOXware Hilary and Martha 092


BOXware Hilary and Martha 104


BOXware round 2 012

Much like the BOXware Hat, the Doghouse features the same laser-rastered and cut BOX11 logo with my corrugated cardboard cutout motif.  Compostable, light-weight, and low-cost.  And that got me thinking about what every dog needs…

BOXware round 2 028

a custom-designed BOXware Dog-collar.

BOXware Hilary and Martha 217

Comfortable and stylish, this will be a must-have item for November’s art show, the weekend after Remembrance Day.  Martha loved it.

BOXware Hilary and Martha 154

Thanks to H. for–

BOXware Hilary and Martha 185


Hold on, where did these photos come from?

1.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 005-1 2.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 012-2 3.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 013-3 4.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 017-4

5.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 025-5 6.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 026-6 7.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 047-7 8.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 054-8

9.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 073-9 10.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 077-10

11.CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 164-11CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 165-12CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 166-13CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 167-14CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 168-15CS_BOXware Hilary and Martha 169-16

(Feel free to suggest captions in the comment section below)

BOXware Hilary and Martha 227

That’s a wrap!

BOXware Hilary and Martha 259

With many thanks, I turned the models loose, and…

BOXware doghouse

headed back to the lab to cook up more BOXware.  Let me know what you think.



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One Response to An idea: BOXware Doghouse

  1. Interesting DW that you designed scwhag for a dog before a classy lady or a car! I do agree with you that Martha is one good looking model and does show her BOXware off with great class. Now about the photo where you said she loved her collar? I may be wrong but I’m not getting that from her expression?
    Thanks DW. You’re a talent! Can hardly wait to see what comes out of the lab next. And thanks to Hilary and Martha too. I think you’re both photogenic!

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