Waterloo night drive


Dave White and I were rolling through the streets last night after CinqASept and I decided to try a new camera mount I rigged up to get some night shots.  Shot through the windshield, camera is taking frames every 5 seconds (raw + jpeg).  No optimization of the camera setup at all: we were just going to get a $1 Diet Coke at McDonald’s.  I liked the serendipity of the output.


Nice and grainy.


The rare clear shot that is less interesting.



This calls for longer exposures.


Like a constellation.

Happy making,


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2 Responses to Waterloo night drive

  1. Duncan White says:

    Darin… your night drive photos are very interesting and beautiful. They remind me of my waterfront marine late night shots many years ago. You are a better at this than I was!

    However, I compliment you on your ability to compose the subjects and the use of your new Nikon gear… keep up the good work, young man!

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