Checking in with the CEEO at THEMUSEUM

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Dave White and I headed down to THEMUSEUM tonight…

(Hi Melissa Stephens!  Partnerships & Events Coordinator at THEMUSEUM)

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for an informal chat with the Creative Enterprise Enabling Organization’s CEO, Heather Sinclair (right).  Since Heather took the helm of CEEO two months ago, she’s been on a whirlwind tour of all the great cultural stuff happening here in the region.  This was a great opportunity for catching up with everyone on what’s happening and planning some new stuff too.

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Thanks to David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM for hosting, especially where we can get…

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Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 043

Mary-Lou Schagena (left) of 98.5FM fame chatting with Cathy Farwell of the BOX Art Show.

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Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 058

Great shoes, Terre (of OE Studios).  Congrats on the new job at Communitech!

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 063

Kevin Hansen in from the Monster Farm.

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 066

The fabulous James Nye.  Another great open studio coming this weekend at James’ 8 Water Street digs, Sat-Sun 1-5pm.  Check it out.

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David’s off to China tomorrow, checking out the cultural offerings.  Safe travels.

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Just the beginning of what was a really good turnout.

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The staff were making the rounds, including…

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 103

my friend, Laurel McKellar, Director of Exhibitions at THEMUSEUM.

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 156

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 106

Artists from all corners of the region were out to chat, some with portfolio in hand.  Good representation from Cambridge!

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 110

Particularly enjoyed David’s invitation to go around the room and shout out what you’re working on.  I got in plugs for Steel Rails (tickets on sale June 1) and The Jazz Room.

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 126

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 146

Gordon Hatt of CAFKA.

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 155

Go Sharpie!

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 009

Hey, great to catch up with Alex Williams, maker extraordinaire and a director with kwartzlab.

Heather_Sinclair_at_THEMUSEUM 169

Always a pleasure.

Happy making,


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