Setting the stage for a local jazz club

The Jazz Room (7)

Yes, literally setting the stage for a cool new jazz club called The Jazz Room, set to open in September right here in Waterloo.

The Jazz Room (68)

I met Stephen Preece at the Creative Initiative event a week and a half back through my friend Anne Lukin of CTT.  Stephen asked me if makebright makes signs because that was on his to-do list for this new venture…

The Jazz Room (2)

in collaboration with David Adlys and the Adlys family, owners of the Huether Hotel, and…

The Jazz Room (10)

a dedicated crew of other volunteers committed to getting this not-for-profit idea off the ground.

The Jazz Room (18)

The newly-forming Grand River Jazz Society (GRJS) will be comprised of a crew of jazz-loving volunteers organizing and running the performances while The Huether operates the food and drinks angle.

The Jazz Room (20)

The venue within the venue is what is currently known as The Kent Room, which is found directly downstairs from the Barley Works patio.

The Jazz Room (23)

Stephen (left), here with contractor Dustin Mattingsley, is a professor of business at Wilfrid Laurier University.  His sabbatical has allowed some time to tackle this mountain of work…

The Jazz Room (31)

to bring something…

The Jazz Room (48)

really cool…

The Jazz Room (45)

to the community.

The Jazz Room (46)

This part of the Huether has tons of character…

The Jazz Room (61)

and some musical history built-in, but right now it needs…

The Jazz Room (40)

a stage.

The Jazz Room (72)

Oh, about the sign… of course I pointed Stephen to the source of all good signs.  Looking forward to enjoying (and learning something about) jazz in this very familiar landmark venue.  Stay in The Jazz Room loop by following this gang on Twitter @KWJazz, or hit ‘em on email.

Happy making,


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14 Responses to Setting the stage for a local jazz club

  1. Linda says:

    This is really looking fabulous and I’m sure it’s going to fly. It seems to be full of character already. I can hardly wait for September to hear real jazz in KW.

  2. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out, I’ll stay in the loop for sure, Yay!

  3. I look forward to your opening with great anticipation. I will be in the Waterloo region in a couple of weeks and would love to drop by and see your new adventure first hand if it isn’t inconvenient.

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  5. This is a fantastic idea whose time has come. The room looks like it will have a real jazz ambiance–warm tones from the wood, a bit of a cellar feel–it almost reminds me of a “Brown Cafe” in Amsterdam. Definitely looking forward to coming and checking it out in September.

  6. Chris and Carol Wingelaar says:

    Stephen. I admire what you have started. Lot of work! I know from my involvement10 years ago with jazz concerts at the Waterloo Stage Theatre.
    Hope to see you around.

    Chris Wingelaar

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  8. EBPreece says:

    When we heard that the “King of Jazz”, Stephen Preece, was opening up a night club we decided to drop everything here in Vancouver, Washington, and fly all the way to Eastern Canada to see what it is all about. We will combine our visit with Canadian Thanksgiving. See you then!!!
    Bruce and Nancy Preece

    Love your cool website.

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  10. Marcus WIlliams says:

    We are coming to see Joni NehRita on Friday and can hardly wait! What a beautiful idea, thank you all!

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