Project Loud Monkey test run… in Waterloo Public Square

DW rocks a Project Loud Monkey test run at the Waterloo Public Square (video: James Bastow)

Project Loud Monkey needs your:

  • old noise-making toys/keychains/talking greeting cards/etc, and
  • your old stereo amp and giant speakers collecting dust in your basement

Please ping me ( if you can pitch in.  Support the Monkey!

The ever-rockin’ James Bastow and I tested some of the project gear at the Waterloo Public Square during lunch today.  I want to make sure makebright really delivers on this project for the Toronto Mini Maker Faire coming up May 7-8.  Come visit us there: we won’t be hard to find.

Best comment from a passer-by today: “I heard that a kilometre away!”

Update 2011-04-29: hey!  PLM got picked up by TorontoNews24!

Project Loud Monkey test run from across the square (video: James Bastow)

The rooster keychain playing at top volume really echoed up King Street.  A real head-turner.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 001

Not many folks in the square today, but it was mercifully mild.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 010

Karl Williams snagged this super-useful PA speaker out of the trash for me.  Merci beaucoup, KW!  I think it originally came from Ian Pilon of Niche Decals, but that’s a sketchy guess.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 012

This speaker has a working built-in battery, which made for a quick set up today.  Also has wireless functionality that opens up lots of interesting possibilities.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 014

JB, my partner in the experiment.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 015

It’s an all-out campaign!

Loud Monkey Trial 01 021

Needs more (very very loud) duck.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 025

Tested a variety of devices today, and good thing we did: the dollar store ray-gun was over-driving the speaker’s built-in amp and not really playing much of any sound at all.  James suggested a simple op-amp circuit to match impedance.  The always-popular Wacky Sound Generator shown in the foreground (built by DW, design by Music From Outer Space) will also be in the mix for T.O.

Loud Monkey Trial 01 058

It’s hard not grin when you’re making animal noises at ridiculous volumes.

Happy making,


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  2. cathy farwell says:

    Your blogs always make me laugh or smile. Thank you. Love the project and hope to contribute some noisy things.

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