Egg as Canvas

Easter2011 037

The makebright crew was busy today…

Easter2011 003

trying new techniques for egg dying, including using elastic bands, hand lotion, and scotch tape as dye masks, as well as…

Easter2011 016

some of the old favourites of toothpick painting that give a more subtle result.

Easter2011 018

The speckled egg is very painstaking, hence only one of them.

Easter2011 017

You can get some really vibrant colours with our secret mix of water+dye+vinegar (rats!  there’s the secret) plus a long soak.

Easter2011 006

A couple of hours later: eggs!  as far as the eye can…

Easter2011 025


Easter2011 057

I was really happy with the tape mask, especially where the dye leaked under the tape.

Easter2011 060


Happy making,


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